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This is priceless. I wonder if we can turn it into a game show. This guy gives new meaning to the toy, ‘Shiia Pet’. We should send this guy various speaking toys and watch what he makes up about them. There could be    off-mosque-betting on it even. And no matter how many people see this clip, few if any will twig to the fact that Islam is what this man inadvertently makes it out to be. A coating of sanctimony for piracy and institutionalized barbarism.

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  1. i only heard “Go Go Go save the hostages” so where was the shoot Aisha?

    i speak arabic and there was no arabic in that i could discern

    more lies from Islam ? i would not be surprised …

  2. If you speak Arabic please give me your email if you would be willing to help me subtitle clips into English from time to time.


  3. I heard kill all the muslims, torch their countries, eat their babies, etc, etc. But any way what do I know I’m half deaf!!!

  4. He was probably dazzled by the nice lights, and not knowing what to do begins to jammer and jabber about shooting a woman or a girl, anyone would do! With meindsets like that, fact and fancy are not only the same, they are equal!

  5. What the good Imam is doing is lying. And you know what? We are pretty much helpless in the face of this technique. What happens if you call somebody a liar in the House of Commons or the Senate? You get kicked out, right? We’re still operating in some 19th century paradigm where a gentlemen’s word is his bond, pip pip, tally-ho. So a gentleman of good faith simply does not call another gentleman a liar – it isn’t done. The Holy Quran counsels lying. Imams lie. Admitting this will be the first step in defeating this enemy, if we ever do…

  6. They frequently lie to us, so I find it refreshing when they lie to each other. Lies will be the undoing of Islam. Wouldn’t it be great if the Shi-ites and the Sunnis spent more time partaking in such nonsense? This is the only time they take a break from harping on about destroying Israel and destroying the West, when they concentrate on destroying each other.

  7. Oh that is rich! HAHAHA!!! I had thought it was arabic misstranslated by chinese manufactureres. The arabic version of “chinglish”. but this is soooo much better!

    There is no way that batty wench honestly misstook “ostages” for “ayisha”. Bitch be lyin!

    However they do have a reason to disslike this toy and not want their children to play with it.

    Saving hostages is something muslims wouldn’t like because they are always the ones holding the hostages that need to be saved. I can see how a sound effect “save the hostages” could cheese off the sort of bastards that want children to grow up revering hostage takers.

    They want their spawn to revere hostage takers and not play games pretending to save hostages.

  8. The words in english are “save the hostages”

    I replayed the section of the clip with him speaking the translation several times. There is a very rough similarity between the sound the gun makes and the phrase he uses. However he speaks the phrase very quickly, hoping that people won’t notice the differences between what he says and the sound effect (and be too pig ignant to know any english or have seen any american action movies) He is also telling the audience what to hear when they hear the sound effect before he plays it again for them. These agitator imams are super lyers and are experts in manipulation.

    I have had a gun by the same manufacturer for about 5 years. When it lights up there is a mans voice (the exact same voice as in the sound effect) yelling “get down! We’re taking fire!” Wonder what that means in arabic. I hope it’s something filthy.

    OT what idiot toy manufacturer thought some dude yelling stuff would be a good sound effect for a toy gun. When I’m playing rayguns I only wanna hear “pew pew”, not some dude yelling stuff. My toy raygun yells stuff and its extremely annoying. And yes I know I am a grown man.

  9. Come on now! What possible reason would he have to lie! Because of what he said, I won’t by that toy for Christmas. . . Oops! I lied.

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