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5 Replies to “Of three groups, which is the most dangerous to the sustenance of British culture and civilization?”

  1. As an International Negrologist I travel a lot, in fact I travel all over the world from my home base here in Hull. I think the EDL is the best defence against the Islamic slave traders of Arabia. The EDL is a good friend of the Negro and of the English people.

  2. After listening to the videos, I take it that this is a rhetorical question, right?
    E – E – EDL E – E – EDL – Keep up the good work lads.

  3. This Tommy Robinson is so young. All the fighters against the wrongs these days seem so young.

    The mother in me wants to give him something to eat!

    I hope he’s always protected.

    Having said that, I don’t think the government of any country will help people in this fight. Sometimes I seriously wonder if its the dawning of a new era. And expecting government to help here is futile.

  4. People do not realise that the mix of immigrants in the UK is not in favour of the muslims. Immigrants who are not muslim far outnumber the muzzies. This is different from places like France. So from someone who know the real look of the UK I am somewhat alarmed that some posters get far more worried than they need to be as to islam in the UK. It is mainly a big mouth situation here with Andy Choudary allowed to be the public face of islam, which is then jeered at by the tabloids and the rest of the population. Recently for example we have had such an upsurge in East European immigrants that a whole region of my town has become little Poland. There is a mosque in that region too! Unfortunately the Poles have their own church in a little further away but the whole islamacisation of that area is dead!

  5. I have never thought that Britain would fall to the Moslems, the rest of Europe is still in question, just as I don’t think the Moslems will ever take over the US or Canada. They will damage us but not destroy us.

    Having said that the worlds governments are the greatest dangers to their nations, and will continue to be a grave danger for several decades.

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