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6 Replies to “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

  1. This is typical of the left wing media. This reporter wants to hear the only answer he wants to hear and he will just keep pounding on the interviewee to get that answer. Fortunately, most people with common sense see through that ploy. Good on her.

  2. Glad that this American representative kept her cool. She remained dignified and calm, but it was easy to see the questioning reporter was becoming agitated. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say and kept interrupting her. Giving Arab Palestine any recognition as a state prior to the necessary hard bargaining with Israel is premature. This over-early reward will only reinforce the Palestinian tendency to demand all, and give nothing. The US did the right thing.

  3. This reporter and many like him will have much to explain eventually. The blindness to the Pals’ refusal to negotiate, to actually foster peace by doing what they need to do and refuse to look at, for example the incitement, hatred, judenrein policy, negation of a non-Islamic state in the region (true apartheid), abuse of minorities’ rights, and many other things, including their INABILITY TO PICK UP THE GARBAGE which you literally have to wade through if you are in an Arab area. In the interests of BASIC HYGIENE, there should be no Palestinian state. I am not exaggerating.

  4. If I am right about the coming war the UN and all of its subsidiary groups will not survive the war, I wish I could safely say the same thing about the international criminal court.

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