Cain will not hire a Muslim for sensitive positions.

I don’t know why this is in any way a controversial statement. If I was running for national leadership I would not think it even neccesary to say, “I wouldn’t hire a Nazi, or a communist, or a Shintoist, or any other person who had dedicated his whole life in his beliefs to destroy our system of justice and way of life.

But there you have it. Muslims have persuaded so many that it is racist to object to their white hot and pure loathing of western civilization, it’s freedoms and cultures and religions.

This clip was from March but perhaps more relevant now than then as he is leading in GO polls, even in Texas ahead of that great state’s governor. More on this man in a couple of hours as Ezra is doing a fantastic segment on him I will post below when it’s ready. It’s ready.

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8 Replies to “Cain will not hire a Muslim for sensitive positions.”

  1. What a hero this man is. I wish we had someone of his calibre and courage in Australia. Australians are still being fed lefty, PC, multicultural BS by our politicians, law makers, main stream media and even religious leaders. Australia has just had our free speech undermined in a case where a journalist was convicted. He was convicted, not because he didn’t speak the truth. He was convicted because those about whom he was speaking were “offended”. Not one of those “offended” denied the veracity of his words. A big thank you to all those who speak the truth no matter the cost personally or financially

  2. You can always tell the people the left fears, they are the ones the left tries to destroy, let him chose someone the left hates for his VP.

  3. John Wayne says:
    Cain/West 2012 !!!

    I bet the late John Wayne would agree.

    I love Cain he is by far the best candidate we got
    Romney scares me and i will not vote for him no matter what.

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