Turkish Grey Wolves attack Kurdish targets in Amsterdam, France and Germany

Multiculturalism: Everywhere in the world you go, gangs of Muslims riot, attack things and burn stuff chanting the same two words.

The demonstrators tried to go to Sloterkade, where the Kurdish centre is located. When the riots started, the demonstrators came to blows with the police and smashed in car windshields and the Kurdish cultural center was damaged. There are several injured, onlookers. The neighborhood is sealed now by police.

Protesters threw stones and beat police with sticks. There are many rumors that shots were fired during the riots.

The protest earlier today was directed against “terrorism”, and in particular the Kurdish separatist PKK.

Translation by ejbron

It seems yesterday’s attack on Kurds in Holland was part of a Europe wide coordinated effort by Turks, part of the ‘Gray Wolves’ movement (you can tell my the hand sign salute many are doing in all of the videos) and Kurdish associated buildings, shops and or businesses were attacked by Turks in all locations.

Isn’t it a grand idea to include Turkey in the EU and drop all requirements for passports etc? The video above is from Stuttgart. Below, from Saint-Étienne in France. Both of these were found at Islam Vs. Europe. It is important to note the mix of ‘Allahu Ackbar’s and the fascist chants and signs from the Turks. The Grey Wolves are worth a moment to look up.

I am reliably informed that they also smashed up a Kurdish shop in Saint-Etienne in France after this protest march.

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12 Replies to “Turkish Grey Wolves attack Kurdish targets in Amsterdam, France and Germany”

  1. I think it just shows how non violent these muslims are. I have often thought that they are violent but never too violent. It may be that they have forgotten all about real jihad involving the deaths of millions and instead play the modern loudmouth waste of time we call fighting in the cause of Allah. What a waste these lily livered pacifistic modern muzzies are. May Allah roast them in hell forever. Inshallah.

  2. Bloody hell. It was a busy weekend for the Turks. They also smashed up a Kurdish shop in Saint-Etienne in France after a protest march. And they were marching in Stuttgart too.

    I’ve got some videos of those events here.

    That hand sign you see them making in your video is the wolf sign associated with the Grey Wolves nationalist/terrorist group. It’s considered a fascist salute comparable to the extended-arm Nazi salute. In Stuttgart they were making the same signs.

  3. I read the wikipedia article on the Grey Wolves and have to say everybody needs to read it.

    They are a political groups and nationalist militia that works for the Turkish government. They appear to be Nationalist rather than Islamist. But that doesn’t matter considering that the islamists are currently in power in Turkey.

    1974-1980 During the cold war they killed 694 leftists. The article does not elaborate weather these leftists were Soviet assets or merely more libral minded than the Turkish government. After a coup in 1980 they were “tried” and given amnesty if they would turn their attention elswhere.

    After that they went after minorities seeking independance as well as greek cyrpiots. And have conducted both massacres and many assassinations.

    Known members should not be allowed into europe.

  4. So these attrocious displays had to do with Turkish supremicism, not Islamic Supremicism.

    However, considering just who is in charge of Turkey at the moment, and their behavior and maneuvering in world affairs, anti jihadists should support Armenian and Kurdish independance.

  5. In all three countries where the Grey Wolves marched yesterday, they chanted “Allahu Ackbar” repeatedly along with other chants. I think that is indication enough of the Islamic nature of this supremacist group.

  6. Either Islamic or wanting finance from Saudi and others, for those who haven’t studied history prior to the 1938 elections the Nazi’s held rallies and marches like this, granted the Nazi’s were more orderly in their marching but just as violent towards their targets.

    If you listen close in the first video you will hear what may have been shots, they sounded more like pistol shots in a distance the rifle or shotgun.

  7. These videos are terrifying, at least to me. As others above have noted, it is all about Turkish nationalism, not Islam per se (the Kurds are Muslims too). Yet that all-time favorite “Allahu Akbar” was being screamed there. They make the OWS people look like a bunch of kids playing around. This is old-fashioned fascism.

    It is all in relation to recently deteriorating relations between Turks and Kurds in Turkey.

    Germany is home to 4 million Turks. I am out of words.

  8. The Turks use to be the rulers of the Caliphate, or what passed for one, they are now making their bid to regain that control and the Kurds wanting an independent Kurdish homeland is messing up their plans.

    FYI the Kurds are the descendents of the Medes who use to give both the Roman and Persian Empires headaches.

  9. Good for the Turkish Grey Wolves. Kurdish PKK Terrorists have killed enough people in Turkey. France, Germany, Italy and England, stop supporting the Kurdish PKK Terrorism in Turkey. Stop supporting it and the Turkish Grey Wolves will not retaliate.

    • These “PKK Terrorists” you talk about saved thousands of Yezidi lives in Iraq. Turkish grey wolves murdered and assassinated thousands of people in Turkey in the 70s and 80s. They are pathological, xenophobic and a menace to Turkey and obviously Europe.

  10. This is slander.
    True, we do chant Allahu Akbar, but is bears a different purpose than used by political islamists.
    Those who are ignorant will quickly act to put us on the same side as those green-communists, but we are a strictly nationalist group.
    Our aim in Europe is to save the Turkish youth from the clutches of crime and drugs, from the clutches of the liberal mindset that has afflicted many, and to instill in them a sense of national pride so that they eventually work in the interests of their own nation.

    We do not take an anti-European stance, for us, our adventures in Europe are sweet memories, but our faces are turned to the east where our roots lie, than to the west.
    The wikipedia article contains slander, as it states that we’re working for the state: no, we do not receive salaries, nor did we receive salaries or even instructions from the government when we were fighting the communists out in the streets and in the universities.
    We mainly believe that the our Republic, which was the last living Turkic republic back in the days, should survive. It should be free from the taint of communism. We loved our country, and therefore, the State that was built to protect it by our nation’s early leaders and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our national hero.

    The communists on the other hand, were not simply “liberal minded progressives”, they received training in camps abroad, in lebanon and in palestine, where groups like the IRA and the PKK also receive training, we on the other hand, were a group of individuals that tried to cut its influence in the streets and most importantly, in universities.

    These so-called “centres” are in fact, recruiting centres and propaganda centres in disguise. The Netherlands already harbored one terrorist that has committed murder in Turkey and fled there fore “asylum”, and they refused to hand her over to our country, after which she fled the scene never to appear again.
    Now, the Netherlands allows Kurdish seperatists to do their propaganda freely while conducting their affairs, managing the drug money, and recruiting more youngsters into their ranks.
    We have done Netherlands a favor by calling these suckers out.

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