I have, up till now, not posted anything on Libya. This is because I do not see any point in competing with major news sources. I see my role as filling important gaps in news we aren’t typically allowed to see, and-or interpretation of events in a way that political correctness forbids the major media sources from doing. The news out of Libya has been ubiquitous. So no need to reproduce here what you can see everywhere.

It is comforting to note that the kinds of news stories which until recently have only appeared on sites like mine are now becoming more and more available from places like SUN NEWS NETWORK. Ezra Levant, Michael Coren, Charles Adler and others are finally doing what news services were initially meant to do in a democracy. Granted they are only three but still, three on TV is worth an awful lot of blogs.

I can say this however.

What I have seen taking place in Libya, is not what I would call an auspicious start to a modern liberal democracy. I don’t know exactly what Kaddafi did to his own people but from what reading I have done, on the standards of modern dictators, he was a lot better to Libyans than he was to the rest of the world. I can understand relatives and friends of the Lockerbie bombing wanting to sodomize him with sticks and kill him, but is this really the way a secular liberal democracy starts out? Or is this just the next block of the new Caliphate, run by Islamic conquerors intending to set the stage for WW3.

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