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5 Replies to “Iraqi parliament gets an ear full”

  1. Seriously, there she stands in her black slave sack projecting onto America all that islam has done to America. That’s the usual tactic, blame your actions on someone else so you can side step any repercussions.
    I agree with “ramjetejmar”, a person has to be mentally ill to embrace this ideology and too much exposure to the followers can begin to make healthy people think that they too may actually be losing their minds.

  2. America hasn’t tried to eliminate Islam. The Moslems need to remember several things 1) The US hasn’t been fighting this war to achieve a clear victory, this will change when we have had enough. 2) all of our previous enemies are no longer in existence, we are slow to anger but eventually we will tell the left to set down and shut up while the adults win the war. 3) The time when the US is most dangerous is when we are the most divided, as far as the right is concerned we are having a family fight and all others should stay out. 4) During the Civil War the US lost 500,000 men (more or less) that was a significant percentage of our population at that time.

    What I am trying to tell the Moslems is back off, the adults are about to get upset with you.

  3. If this is how they repay you for liberating them from Sadam, then maybe we should have left them under him. Seems like these people can only be run in any sort of orderly way by dictators.

  4. Just because you dress up a savage in tuxedo doesn’t mean he gets civilised by proxy. He will still be very much a barbarian but in a tux instead of the usual pyjamas. What will happen if you bring one of these tuxedo barbarians to one of the annual Nobel dinners? In the minds of the multicultis, he will probably sit down politely and discuss quantum physics, Shakespeare or whatever. We on this site knows better though. The tuxedo barbarian will do what he does best always. Which will mean he will run amuck shouting allahu akhbar, slaying as many laureates and guests as possible until the local security puts an end to this charade and the tuxedo barbarians brain finally says hello to Mr 9mm. You can take a barbarian out of the jungle but never the jungle out of the barbarian. That’s just the way it is.

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