Occupy Wall St. becomes large outdoor mosque

Occupy Wall St becomes mosque

Details and more photos here

Many times when I have posted videos showing this behavior in France and other European cities, Americans have posted quite clearly how they would deal with it if this happened at home. Well? Still feel the same way about the Europeans now that you are in the same situation?

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13 Replies to “Occupy Wall St. becomes large outdoor mosque”

  1. I have thought if not said that this was coming to the US, the Moslems are taking advantage of the weakness of the various city governments and establishing precedents that will be hard to break. They have now gotten praying in the streets a form of protest that will continue.

  2. Richard,

    The Democrat Westboro Lawyers set a Supreme precedent that will allow muslims to be as obnoxious in America as they are in Europe…

    it’s all part of the democrat plan to bring back slavery.. they know what they are doing..

  3. Yup, looks like this bit of Islamic street theater meets gender-segregation code: men up front, gals in the back…

    Think any of the self-important OWS crowd gave this a second thought?

  4. How many muslims have you seen at these protests in any other capacity than this? ZERO. How many in person when you went by these protests? ZERO. How many on video? ZERO. They are just adhering to the protest like parasites because it is generating publicity.

    And this women at the back business is extra obscene. The organizers who permitted this calculated insult to the equality of women should be flogged.

  5. I might be wrong but if the main stream media didn’t pay attention to these fools, they wouldn’t be able to advance their cause. Of course, the police would also have to step it up and clear the streets as they should.

  6. I say I hope they get publicity. Let it sink in. I think it will backfire. Let them overplay their hand. Muslims don’t get democracy.

  7. Parts of France are no go areas for the police 80 at the last count.

    There are 5 million Muslims in France.

    Sooner or later there will be civil war.

  8. The publicity of their “peaceful demonstration” will backfire on them.

    imnokuffar the civil war will probably be sooner rather then later, the current economic crisis is fueling the nationalism that is necessary for a civil war.

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