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5 Replies to “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”

  1. I haven’t been able to finish the film but I think that most of the readers of this blog are well aware of what is going to happen if the Moslems win in the middle east.

  2. That is my guess as well. But still, There are those who are just waking up to the issue. I like to hope that perhaps each week, a few people who are just beginning to realize that the real threat to classical liberal democracy is not Stephen Harper are perhaps starting to read this site and ready for some basic primer information.

  3. I watched it until the end, while doing the dishes in the bright sunny morning and just feel compelled to think, how it would have sort of disturbed me watching it at nighttimes, actually I only listened most of the time ^^

  4. What is happening in the Middle East is going to change a lot of minds, the only people who will continue to think there is no danger in Islam will be the ones who are willfully ignorant.

  5. I got further this time but the weather is playing merry hell with my WiFi connection. It is also causing my back to really hurt so if I make stupid mistakes forgive me.

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