Copenhagen: Jewish woman attacked by boy who’s been told to ‘kill all Jews’

Frankly, I would call this a threat and not an attack. It is barely worth noting normally. But in this case, I would call it a’ future-history dress rehearsal.’

From Islam in Europe:


(The Jewish Cemetery in Copenhagen)

The report doesn’t state the religion of the attackers, but Danish authorities have been concerned for a long time about the effects of antisemitic Arab satellite TV on Muslim-Danish kids.

Via Danish Police (h/t Uriasposten):

A 21-year old Jewish woman was overseeing the Jewish cemetery in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen this past Sunday when two young boys of foreign origin, about 13 years old, approached and asked what the place was.

She answered it was a Jewish cemetery. One of the boys asked whether she was Jewish, to which she answered in the affirmative. At this point he pulled out a corkscrew and threatened her, saying he’d been told he should kill all Jews.

The other boy told him to stop. Both boys then ran off.

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5 Replies to “Copenhagen: Jewish woman attacked by boy who’s been told to ‘kill all Jews’”

  1. It’s true that Jew hatred seems to comes from very dark sources. Adolf Hitler had no substantial reason to hate Jews- yet he did! It’s not as if his sister had been raped by a Jew or that he had been beaten up by Jews as a child. He had no real reason at all to be anti-semitic. The reasons he gave were trivial and inconsistent and could have applied to almost anyone.
    Mohammed hated Jews purely because they refused to acknowldege his prophethood. A trivial reason to despise someone so much. This is the work of sinister forces! Mohammed was a highly disturbed, mentally ill, and demon-possessed man. Hitler was probably the same!

  2. There are reports that Hitlers mother had an affair with a Jewish postman, this is usually credited as the reason Hitler hated Jews. Another possible reason is that one of his great grand parents was suppose to be Jewish.

  3. “Another possible reason is that one of his great grand parents was suppose to be Jewish.”

    So, why would he hate one of his own great-grandparents?

  4. Because he was ashamed of them, at the time antisemitism was widespread in most nations and many people hid their Jewish ancestors to avoid the discrimination in housing and at times jobs. One of the things that the refusal to teach history does in make many people think that society always felt and acted the way they do now. Antisemitism was widespread and so was the discrimination against the Jews, this antisemitism was one of the reasons that people ignored the reports of what Hitler and the Nazi’s were doing to the Jews. Another reason was that prior to WWII Germany was considered to be the most civilized nation on earth, that was where most of the great philosophers came from, it was held up as the symbol of tolerance and good sense.

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