Obama admin uses moral equivalence between murderer and the victims.

I wonder. Did the Obama admin call for restraint on all sides when that reporter was gang raped in Cairo? Did he say that the American Reporter perhaps shouldn’t have looked so “Jewish” to cause all those men to humiliate and sexually assault her? Cause that is what he is doing to the victims in Egypt now.

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7 Replies to “Obama admin uses moral equivalence between murderer and the victims.”

  1. I don’t think Obama said anything when she got raped.

    For some reason the totalitarians always tell everyone what they are going to do, and a whole lot of fools ignore them.

  2. As Coren put it… it’s like saying there is a clash between the rapist and the victim.

    And that’s OK with Obama and his far-left radical cronies.

    Shame, shame on the US to allow an Islamist “president” in the top office. His election will be seen as the tipping point into the Dark Ages.

  3. Christians massacred by Muslims with complicity and help from the army and police – as far as the BBC and our MSM is concerned, its just ongoing sectarian violence.

  4. Dallas I am afraid you are right, the people around the world are about to find out that a technological world can have a Dark Age and make technological progress during it.
    Granted most of the advancements will be in weapons but some of that tech will spill over to other areas.

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