Links and news of some concern

20,000 heat seeking missiles go missing in Libya

Parents accused of ‘honor-killing’ a daughter in the UK have been banned from communicating with other daughter.

Christians dispossessed and silenced in Mindanao

Daniel Pipes: Is Turkey going rogue?

Failed asylum seeker strangled and drowned bakery worker who refused to marry him so he could stay in the UK

Proposed list of demands for the Occupy Wall St. by the spoiled moronic hundreds. (Really needs to be read for a laugh)

One hour and fourteen minutes with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

French Muslims increasingly turning to Islam as authority and away from the French state.

Native French people feel as aliens in their own land while Islam dominates

Nice photo montage of EDL ‘Angels’ demonstration after being called “sick” by the British Prime Minister


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2 Replies to “Links and news of some concern”

  1. The missiles are a major worry right now, if they can be smuggled into Europe or North America in working condition they can be used to do major damage to our air lines.

    The parents should spend the rest of their lives in the pen, they won’t but they should.

    The Moro’s in the Philippines have always treated their Christian neighbors like that, the Christians use to be afraid to defend themselves and let the Moro’s (whose traditional occupations are pirates and slavers) raid with immunity. The Spanish didn’t do much to stop them and when the US took over one of the things we did was to teach the victims to defend themselves and to punish the Moro criminals. A fact the left has tried to ignore when they talk about the US occupation of the Philippines.

    The Philippines was our first try at nation building, and our only success in that field, we succeeded there because we set a realistic time frame (50 years) and spent that time teaching the Filipinos democracy. There democracy isn’t perfect but whose is? They are getting better and more honest in their elections, if we can help them keep the Moslems from taking over.

  2. Turkey is returning to its Islamic roots, that is rogue enough.

    That list of demands is really laughable, if even half of them were implemented it would mean the destruction of the US.

    Given the lack of assimilation the French situation was inevitable, all western nations are facing this same situation to one degree or another. I really wish I could think of a peaceful solution to the problem.

    A look at that montage should scare any politician, the ordinary people are fighting back, they are the ones who will save Europe and Western civilization.

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