John Robson: Motives to the foiled Iranian plot to attack Saudi Arabia and Israel embassies in DC

I disagree with Mr. Robson (extremely rare) on some of the minutia of this analysis but overall I think its superb as well as brave. The Iranians want to start a war for supernatural reasons. This is very hard to grasp for all of us, and triply so for a man as rooted in Greek thought as John Robson. The Iranians are attempting to start as large a war as they can in order to free a boy trapped in a well. The ‘hidden imam’. No more absurd than communism or Nazism really but potentially more lethal. In any case, I remain grateful that Canada both has a mind like Mr. Robson’s as well as a venue where he gets to share its product.


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  1. I think he is giving Obama and his administration too much credit for worrying about the US, they are probably just going to run their mouths and let the attempted attack slid.

    Don’t forget that the current Iranian leadership thinks that there has to be hell on earth (literal hell) before the hidden Imam can return. By ignoring this part of the Iranian motivation people all around the world are thinking that once Iran gets nuclear weapons we will simply have another nuclear nation we are having a face off with. Once Iran has enough nuclear weapons to achieve their goal (or at least once they have enough that they think their goal is achievable) they will use the weapons on Israel, any US target they can hit and probably several European nations (if they have any left over).

    You also need to remember that the Iranian nuclear facilities are in hardened bunkers deep underground, are are dispersed to several locations. It will require more planes the Israel has to carry out a bombing strike that would do much if any damage to the Iranian nuclear program. I think Israel has one of the best military establishments on earth, but they just don’t have the planes.

  2. finaly someone gets it!
    The islamists believe in the following, the second comming (book of revelations) the koran and hadith and surra.

    The believe Jesus is a muslim prophet who is comming back to bring in the calaphate, they also believe in the antichrist, which is what the muslims have to do to bring about Jesus and the hidden imam, both of which they believe wholy that are rewritten by the “evil Christians” to write muslims out of the book.

    Currently they are working on clearing their supplyline through Iraq (killing off the kurds), so they can transport their weapons and ammuntion to wipe Israel off the map before they work their way outwards from there. They are also working on positioning their mushisardines in every country so they can have their world wide war (as told in revelations).

    For those who do not believe in the Bible, koran etc, please remember, this has nothing to do with what you think (unless you want to blow things up and cause a world wide war of course), but what they think, believe, teach and follow. The believe it whole heartly, they believe its allahat the moongod’s will that they bring about the fulfillment of these prophecies, and they are working as hard as their little mushisardine minds and bodies can to bring it about, cause they want their 12th imam mushisardine to come back and make them uber cool sardines. Someone smart in mental disorders could probably put it much better, but I simply say its going to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

    They also have a couple of prerequisists to the war, the kaba (both of them, saudi, and iran), mohamads mosque (medina), mohumads actual burial place all have to be distroyed completly (big bombs there), the current saudi king has to either drop dead or get killed (note the recent attempt on the saudi ambassador and the Israeli embassy attacks). the 7 hills of rome have to surround Israel (read the 7 countries that the roman soldiers came from that occupied Israel, IE: islamic countries). And probably the moon has to be waxed or waned right, the planets have to be in X,Y,Z position, plus the islamic date has to be just right, then it’ll be on for young and old, with or without nukes.

    And thats all I have to say about that, bring on the end of islam.

  3. The Infidel I have “got” it for a long time, so have others were we are all having a problem is with the majority of politicians who refuse to accept the idea that once again we are in a war that must be fought to clear victory. The last war that was fought to a clear victory was WWII, since then we have been searching for a substitute for victory and not finding one.

    If you read military history you will find a lot of things that commonly happen just before major wars, I can’t think of any of them that are missing right now.

  4. A major war is actually already going on. It’s just that modern leftism forces many of us on the other side, and WW2 movies force the rest of us into a paradigm where we are largely incapable of recognizing that this is a war, as we are stuck in antiquated notions of what war is.

    This is so clearly a war. A huge group of people are using “All means and stratagems of war” (Koran) to destroy our cultures and freedoms and make us slaves of the pirate Mohamed’s system of horror. They are infiltrating, attacking overtly where possible, deceiving, implementing their own system of laws for themselves in our lands, using our resources, and where possible, enforcing their laws on the rest of us. (Tower Hamlets and parts of Spain and Scandinavia)

    This is war. We need more politicians ready to say it. That is all.

  5. If I am reading the signs right we are coming into the time when there will be war like WWII around the world, it will last two to five years and then we will return to the asymmetric war we are now fighting. Then when the peace at any cost crowd has managed to turn enough people to their way of thinking things will build to another major conventional war. Asymmetric war is great for some things but no one has ever won one without having a major power backing them, now the major powers are semi-facing off against each other with a puppet army facing us. The difference is that this time the puppet army has an agenda of its own and will not follow orders like the puppets during the Cold War. A better example would be the way the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Persians played the Medes and other border tribes against each other. When things became rough enough they fought each other. This time Russia is playing Iran against us but Iran is also playing Russia against us, while I don’t think the US and Russia will fight we are being forced into a war with Iran. It will be for the most part a conventional war probably more like Korea with some of the action spilling into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Historical note: The Kurds are the descendents of the Medes, once again they are becoming puppets of the major powers.

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