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4 Replies to “How do you right a historical ‘wrong’? You write a historical wrong!”

  1. In the USSR the Russians use to say that they knew the future, it was the past they were uncertain of, all nations are having this fight and this course must be reversed if we are to survive as free nations.

  2. we have the same utter nonsense in the uk,the leftards are so ashamed of history they want it to go away,the stupidity of these ppl is unbounded.they are apologising to ppl who have never had anything done to them,on behalf of ppl who have never done anything to them.and of course the islamic psychos jump on this to once more play the victim.my country disgusts me,they will help anyone EXCEPT the real british.ban islam.

  3. The less the public knows of history the easier it is for the left to take over, without a firm grounding in history we will make all of the mistakes of history.

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