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7 Replies to “Egyptian veteran of the Arab Spring uprising”

  1. I was at a benifit for people protesting the US miltaries use of a beach for target practice. A palestinian jumped up on stage without permision and ranted about how the issue was the same as that of the palestinians.

    Arab activists jump onto protests in order to conflate their own agendas with the agendas of the protestors. They just spout veague babble in an emphatic way but it’s been effective in tricking leftists into thinking they have a shared interests – even though it ain’t true.

    I smell Muslim Brotherhood but realize that’s a little paranoid. It is in their interests (like Al Quida and that’s not a coincedence) to exacerbate political rifts in America and have our economy weakened.

    He definatly isn’t a pro democracy demonstrator. They care about their own country right now. A communist would also be more interested in his own country but would also want to develop ties with communists in other countries.

    So he is either a sincere Egyptian Communist or a Muslim Brotherhood weasle. But then how did he raise the money to fly over here? A cheap round trip ticket between Washington and Cairo is around $870. How on earth could a communist or democracy activist scrape up that kind of money? Answer: He ain’t a communist or democracy activist and that only leaves…

  2. re repetition. The excuse is that they aren’t allowed to use megaphones so people around the speaker repeat what he says so everyone can hear it. The protestors are doing it in other situations.

    It is also a good way to enforce conformaty in the guise of expressing unity and creates an illusion of popular consensus. It’s a great way to prevent people from being able to coherently think for themselves, form their own opinions and formulate their own individual reactions. If you are busy repeating what is said you can’t think about what is being said – and everyone repeating it makes it look like everyone agrees with it.

    On another video here a clique uses it to control and manipulate a meeting so the clique, who were obviously prepared beforehand, can call the shots.

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