Egypt rapidly descending into Nazi rabid chaos.

Some things are too awful to post but you still have to post. I’ll leave it to the left to try and fix problems by pretending or insisting they don’t exist.

I asked some people I know to check the Arabic in this video to make sure there wasn’t some horrible misunderstanding as I have seen in forged videos before. I remember one from the original Tahir Sq. demonstrations where the audio had been forged to make it out to be an antisemetic event when, at least that specific gathering, it was not. However this is, from what I have been able to gather, what it appears to be. The Arabic long sign also says:

“One nation for a new Holocaust.”

There is an entire article over at The New English Review on this soccer match although there doesn’t appear to be much chanting for soccer here.

Now let’s add this story also about Egypt from WND.COM



A rising leader in the radical Islamic movement in Egypt that has become a major political player since the demise of Hosni Mubarak’s regime says Christian churches may need to be blown up and Christians exterminated to allow the advance of Islamic law, or Shariah.

The comments come from Sheik ‘Adel Shehato, a senior leader with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. The sheik was jailed in 1991 because of his positions but was released earlier this year in the revolution that removed Mubarak from power.

His interview with the Egyptian daily Roz Al-Yousef was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.


Please click over to World Net Daily for the whole article. as well as The New English Review for much more detail on the video and who actually is behind the ransacking of the Israeli Embassy

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