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One Reply to “Ezra Levant: The Arab Underground Oct 5 2011”

  1. The GZTE Stars and Stripes Caravan is in desparate need. We are a grassroots group dedicated to helping our fellow partiots who may not otherwise be able to attend events and rallies. If you need help, can give help, or if you would like to use the caravan for your event, you can contact us
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    Freedom Torch
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    We are working in collaboration with our parent group, the Ground Zero Transportation Exchange. They can be found
    on Facebook
    and Freedom Torch

    Please join us. We need to organize and work together if we are every going to steer this nation back in the right direction. I am adding more and more networks every week. We have 2 events in the works so far. Our annual pigramage to Ground Zero on 9/11 and a plan in the works to organize caravans to the Embassies and UN to protest the martyrdom of Pastor Yousef in Iran. Please join us, please lend a hand. THANK YOU!!

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