Anjem Choudary blatantly threatens the UK

The confidence of Muslims within the West to threaten, demand and control grows with each new attempt at appeasement and each new government dollar. Anjem’s group, Muslims Against Crusades, (I do not wish to link them. If you want to see their site google it or type in the name to a browser) have now issued a threat for which, had it been Tommy Robinson or any actual British person, charges would be laid, guilty verdicts rendered and years in jail demanded.

Below, the banner and a screen cap of the threat from their site. Again, I do not wish to link to these despicable bastards. When oh when will the once great people of England, the ones who gave us the steam engine, Sir Thomas Moore and Sir Isaac Newton, when will they remember who they are and take back that which is theirs?





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  1. At the Conservative Party conference Home Secretary Theresa May is bleating (long after the horse has bolted) about the need to toughen the law to make it harder for foreign crims to use daft human rights law provisos in order to stay in Broken Britain. So maybe somebody will start bleating about the need to curb dhimmitude as well. But the LibDems are likely to throw a spanner in the works of any legislation of that kind.

  2. The only thing that the U.K. government are keen on taking back is everything that isn’t theirs, from us the electorate. Meanwhile such backward preachers of hate such a Choudary seem to get anything they want and do anything they want. Britain does not produce world statesmen anymore only lapdogs like the Lib-Lab-Conmen who have sold their souls to the E.U. and the p.c. brigade along with their country.

  3. It is the ordinary people of Britain and Europe that will take their countries back from the Moslems and the left, the politicians are too arrogant to realize the need to regain control of their nations.

  4. There is only one solution. To kick out these motherfuckers out of our countries! Hell no, I’ll never going to accept being forced to live under barbaric sharia law. Never ever!!

  5. Rich asian immigrants whatever religion or none religion should also be properly screened and questioned in details before allowed entry to UK to prevent further creeping of unwanted asian culture or religious extremism in UK.

  6. Carry on Andy.

    Sooner or later someone is going to commit the atrocity against your corrupt, rotten “faith” that you dream of.

    The reaction of your people will be confirmation enough to the mass of the British people as to what scumsuckering bastards you are.

    You want a civil war ?

    Be careful what you wish for motherfucker.

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