War memorial: the final insult

From Burton Mail:


A BRITISH Muslim has shown ‘no remorse’ after desecrating Burton’s War Memorial with extremist Islamic slogans, a court has heard.


Tohseef Shah, 21, of Norton Road, Horninglow

Tohseef Shah, 21, of Norton Road, Horninglow

And senior lawyers from the Crown Prosecution Service have decided that graffiti proclaiming future world domination for Islam, glorifying Osama Bin Laden and calling for the assassination of the British Prime Minister “was not religiously or racially motivated”.

Tohseef Shah, 21, of Norton Road, Horninglow, admitted a charge of criminal damage to the memorial, outside Burton College, in Lichfield Street, when he appeared at Burton Magistrates Court yesterday.

Shah admitted spraying the words ‘Islam will dominate the world — Osama is on his way’ and ‘Kill Gordon Brown’ on the plinth of the East Staffordshire Borough Council-owned memorial, on December 10 last year.

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5 Replies to “War memorial: the final insult”

  1. a) How is “Islam will dominate the world” not a religious statement? Though any punishment that involves the motivation for a crime is stupid. But untill they grow up and repeal thoughtcrime laws, those stupid laws must still be applied to everyone equally. But they are right that it was not religiously motivated because it was militarily motivated.

    You know if someone had spraypainted C*=X (picture a skull above the X) on a mosque they would be convicted of a hate crime against a religion in a hearbeat.

    b) Why did they not charge him with incitement to murder? Or is “Kill Gordon Brown” morally equivalent to spray painting “disco sux”. It is also not a little ungreatfull considering how much the labor party has faclitated islamic radicalisation.

  2. Britain is bonkers. It only remains to be seen which happens first – its sinking without trace beneath the waves it once ruled, weighted down by mass Third World immigaration, or its capitulation to the Caliphate.

  3. Truthiocity
    said, “How is “Islam will dominate the world” not a religious statement?”

    Authorities have convinced themselves these are groups who are not part of Islam they are trying to hijack the religion

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