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4 Replies to “Two clips on re-opened UK ‘honour killing’”

  1. The wonders and joys of MC. This poor girl was a British citizen, but not afforded the same rights as other British children. Why?

    As Shilary Clinton and her come dine with me partner, Mr Ishanoglu of the gagging council would agree; a crime of this nature pales by comparison to Islamaphobia, which of course is a crime against humanity. Oh how they smiled at the last OIC conference back in July,2011 at the Yildiz Palace, in Istanbul of all places! What a sight!

    In any event; they should drop the “honor” bit. A honorable man or woman would gladly die before they would allow a hair on the head of their own child come to harm. Even the reptiles and beasts of this earth would fight to the death to protect their own young! Deportation is the only humane solution for these souless, child killers and their like minded ilk!

  2. How oppressed and brainwashed into misogynistic patrarchal culture a woman must be to acquiesce in the murder of a child whose movements she felt in the uterus and to whom she gave life.

  3. ‘This poor girl was a British citizen, but not afforded the same rights as other British children.’

    She did in fact have the rights (by virtue of her nature as a human being and consequently the requirements for her life and happiness), it is simply that those rights were neither recognised nor respected by evil others.

    Individual rights, properly understood, can be neither granted nor revoked, only respected or violated.

  4. At the moment there is a two tier legal system operating in the UK. It has been accommodated at the cost of the individual rights of some sections of the minority groups-women and children- and the overall rights of the majority. It adherents are living in parallel societies as they would do back home in the villages of Pakistan or such places.

    Sharia law provides a moral justification for honor killings and incitement to violence against women. This is one of the reason why the mullahs in the West have never spoken out against honor killings and other misogynist practices. Compare this with: how they would roar cry over a cartoon! Once their numbers grow these clerical pot bellies are known to fight against any reforms, secular or otherwise, as they consider that would destroy the moral fibre of their shepple. Of course; this applies to women only: as the men are free to screw whoever, whatever they like, where ever and when ever they like. Their morality you see, being derived in lieu of that of their womenfolk, entitles them to act and behave without principle or moral restraint. Forget human rights, slavery is alive and well in some parts of the UK.

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