Muslim group in china takes credit for dozens of innocent deaths

China: Militant Group Claims Responsibility For Xinjiang Attacks

September 8, 2011 STRATFOR

A 10-minute video featuring jihadist militant group Turkistan Islamic Party leader Abdul Shakoor Damla claims responsibility for recent attacks in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, AP reported Sept. 8. In the video which was released in late August, Damla said the attacks — which resulted in the deaths of at least three dozen people — were perpetrated as revenge against the Chinese government. The SITE Intelligence Group said the Turkistan Islamic Party seeks the independence of Xinjiang region.

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7 Replies to “Muslim group in china takes credit for dozens of innocent deaths”

  1. I hope the Chinese just bomb the hell out of those backward creeps, and kill them off, except that all the Han Chinese who live in the region and have been responsible for all and every bit of modern development in the region would be injured as well, China needs a huge wall along the Paki/and Afghan borders

  2. Morticia:

    You mean, something like a great wall or something. We should name it in advance. It has to be called something so the left can mock it. Let’s call it, ‘The Great Wall of China’ that should do it. No wait though, the Israeli’s didn’t put it around their own perimeter for their own defence from constant Islamic terror, so China will probably get away with building one for what, at least 2500 years I would say.

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