Muslim militant group claims western China attacks

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By CHI-CHI ZHANG, Associated Press – 14 hours ago

BEIJING (AP) — A militant Muslim group claimed by video it carried out recent attacks in western China that killed at least three dozen people, a monitoring group said.

The video was purportedly made by the Turkistan Islamic Party, which seeks independence for China’s western Xinjiang region, the SITE Intelligence Group said this week. The militants are believed to be based in Pakistan, where security experts say core members have been trained by al-Qaida.

Xinjiang is home to largely Muslim ethnic Uighurs (pronounced WEE’-gur) who say they have been marginalized by an influx of China’s majority Han to the region. Ethnic riots there two years ago killed at least 197 people.

Security has been raised, but still, dozens were killed in slashings and arson and hit-and-run attacks in the cities of Hotan and Kashgar in July.

The more than 10-minute video released in late August features Turkistan Islamic Party leader Abdul Shakoor Damla, whose face is blotted out, saying those attacks were revenge against the Chinese government.

Ben Venzke, of Washington-based IntelCenter, another monitor of militant groups, said TIP threatened to attack the 2008 Beijing Olympics and should be taken seriously.

“Their profile has been heightened since threats made during the Olympics and videos have shown us that they have even received recognition from senior al-Qaeda leaders recognizing their presence in China,” Venzke said.

In 2008, TIP released videos claiming responsibility for several bus bombings in China and warned Muslims to stay away from any place Han Chinese were, including buses, planes, buildings and trains.

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8 Replies to “Muslim militant group claims western China attacks”

  1. Now the muzzies know how it feels !!!!! “Xinjiang is home to largely Muslim ethnic Uighurs (pronounced WEE’-gur) who say they have been marginalized by an influx of China’s majority Han to the region”

  2. China has a lot of problems from ethnic minorities, this combined with their economic troubles makes them more dangerous then normal, and normally they are extremely dangerous.

  3. “Letttttttt’s get ready to Ruuuumble!” In this corner, standing at 4 foot 2 inches are 1.5 Billion Muslims. And in this corner, standing at 4 foot 3 inches are 1.5 billion Chinese.

    A billion versus a billion. Let the conflagration begin….

  4. I hope the Chinese take strong military action against these backward imbicles. They need a huge influx of Han into the area, and military. Creepy people with their backward culture those ‘ughurs’
    The only development in the region in Kashi, is from the Chinese Government, roads, schools, infrastructure,
    First thing the Chinese need to do is blow up their psycho mosques in Kashgar and put the entire region under military law.
    They are as backward as the tibetans

  5. oh, and this time put people to work to finish the Great Wall, (which ends in that province), and build an even greater wall, one that keeps all the creepy islamics out,
    but in actuality we know the only thing that works is extermination, or a big blast,
    Look how well the Japanese came around after a couple of big blasts….they actually became civilized

  6. Do you really want a genocide with forced marriages between the Han and the natives? That is what is coming if the Chinese take strong action.

  7. I think the figure of 1.5 billion muzzies is an exaggeration. I do not think it is that much. I think this is the top figure muzzies give and as always they lie. One can do the maths themselves by totting up the number of muzzies in the world. Let us just take the brown caucasian coutries like pakiland and inbred arab and inbred iranians, turks etc etc and you only get about 700 million. China is a massive beast. China can easily deal with the muzzies. Thank God for China. If we include the figure for India then we get to about 830 million. The numbers for these muzzies the most dangerous and evil people in the world is way short of the massive numbers for the Chinese. I hear that the chinese are even a majority now in the Uigur areas of China. This is deliberate and so we see an entire muzzie nation under threat of destruction from the Han chinese who have moved to this area. Serves the muzzies right.

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