Opposition to the EDL is, as usual, based on illusion and slight of hand.

It is impressive to see, at least where media covers it, the opposition to the EDL. Lots of self named, ‘Anti-Fascists’ and Muslims standing united (for the moment) against the British right to English law in England. But are these really local people in these areas standing up in front of their homes to express their contempt for the EDL and say how much in fact they really like the new middle eastern and Pakistani culture that has been imposed on them? Or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

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  1. My hero-who-can’t-spell.

    That should be…ummm, wait. I gotta look it up to make sure ‘e’ and ‘i’ in right place…

    okay, here we go: sleight of hand

    Unless of course you got yourself a very skinny hand. In which case, I guess ‘slight’ is okay.

  2. Potb:

    The forth pic I think says, Love music hate homophobia -No to the BNP –No to the EDL

    Just a reminder Sharia law you cannot listen to non-islamic music and Sharia law homosexuals are of course dead. Then it says no BNP and EDL

    What do these people know about the EDL really? I would bet not one blasted thing.

  3. Socialist Worker, Solidarity, Trade Unions. Hmmm…

    During the first gulf war I was lightly involved in protests because I was extremely suspicious of the extensive propoganda Bush I was using to bully the population into supporting it. The anti war group on campus was ran by the head of the socialists. We went to a large conference in chicago. It was ALL socialist groups. Ostensibly it was about protesting the war but in reality it was a membership drive. I very quickly figured out that these people would have protested just as loudly if we had not tried to liberate Kuwait. (I very quickly concluded that liberating an invaded country was a laudable goal and it was only the propoganda I disliked.)

    The socialists were using the war as a membership drive to get new members from amongst college students and were swarming like vampires around all the attendees, praising their own group while badmouthing all others (so much for solidarity). That showed me what their real motivations were and I was thuroughly disgusted by the whole sleazy affaire.

    When socialists spoke on campus they always claimed to have been a founding part of every positive social movement. This is only to attract anyone who cares about any one of the various issues. What they really do is glom onto any movement going so they can later say it was they who started it AND manipulate it for their own agenda. The Larouchies do this too.

    Socialists pick any sexy issue and claim to be against the main stream opinion in order to attract those who feel they don’t fit in to society. Generally it’s nerdy control freaks who resent that the entire world did not think they were cool in highschool. Thats why socialists tend to be extreme nerds with stunted affect and an obsession with beurocracy and fiddly details.

    What I am saying is that these people don’t really give an F about either the EDL or radical islam. They are just using the issue for their own ends.

    It is a true irony that it was the PIGS in Orwells Animal Farm who came up with the slogan: All animals are created equal but some animals are more equal than others. That is the EXACT kind of equality jihadists are murdering people to bring about.

  4. Truthiocity I wish more people would see the facts the way you have, you saw through the actions of the left in their attempt to recruit more cannon fodder for their demonstrations. The left wants followers who will obey orders and not think for themselves, the right wants people who are not easily fooled by slick talking con men. The people in the “counter demonstration” are what the communists use to call useful idiots, people who can’t think for themselves and who are easily led into foolish and often treasonous activities.

    I doubt if the useful idiots will ever wake up enough to realize how much they have been fooled, or how stupid their actions really are.

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