Former MI5 chief: West can compromise with al-Qaeda

From European Son
In 2007, MI5 chief Jonathan Evans reported that his agency estimated there to be at least 2,000 terror suspects in Britain — up 400 on the previous year. It would be foolish to blame Evans, who had taken over the position only in April. And it would be unfair to lay the blame for the rise of Islamic extremism on the MI5. It is the “elite” culture of political correctness and cultural relativism that has made tackling Islamist terrorism and its ideology so difficult. We know by now that much of the UK Government, and much of the media, has habitually, even pathologically, turned a blind eye to extremism, and has even worked with ideological extremists. In some cases this was occurring prior to 9/11. Still, no matter how used to political correctness we may be, the recent comments by former MI5 chief Baroness Manningham-Buller must come as… continue reading.

4 Replies to “Former MI5 chief: West can compromise with al-Qaeda”

  1. To compromise between that which is right and good and that which is wrong and evil is to surrender or sacrifice that which is right and good to that which is wrong and evil.

  2. ‘Military and intelligence responses can only take the process so far, and negotiations are inevitable, she believes. Baroness Manningham-Buller asserts, ”you have to reach a political settlement” with terrorist organizations.’

    No, the only way to deal with terrorist organizations is to defeat them utterly, but to do so requires a principled approach, not a politically correct one:

  3. General Douglas MacArthur said, “In war there is no substitute for victory.”, (the words in war are usually omitted) the Baroness seems to be one of the people who are still hunting for a substitute for victory.

    A lot of the current problems were caused by the west refusing to fight to final victory and instead negotiating with the enemy when they had them defeated. This is always taken as a sign of weakness by the human predators in the world and it simply makes them hungrier to attack and conquer you.

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