Albert Hall September 1 2011

When one speaks of savages, could it be that they mean those who take advantage of the inherent weaknesses of cooperative cultures, the backbone of civilizations, in order to cause disorder, chaos, and make absurd demands when in reality the chaos is it’s own goal? Just a thought. Lets face it. If any of these people actually cared about the causes they champion they would do something about them instead of this:

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  1. In order to put this into context the title could read:
    “Leftists and anti-Israel activists disrupt concert ”

    Here is a good one:

    lead-in to the 10th anniversary of 9/11! the New York times is promoting Sharia law:

    check out some of the wording:
    “The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.”

  2. That they interrupted with Beethovens Ode to Joy is significant. It was the favorite song of The Nazis. Played at the commencement of their Beiruth games and upon the german annoucement of the death of Adolf Hitler and other state occasions.

    The chief nazi ideologue said the structure of the piece mirrored Hitlers rise to power.

    And it was a favorite of the hard left totalitarians as well. It was almost chosen over the Internationale as their general anthem and was played over loud speakers in the streets of Soviet occupied East Germany all the time.

    Schiller’s poem was about the equality of men but the revolutions in Europe at the time the poem and symphony were written were democratic, not totalitarian. The totalitarians then appropriated it and perverted it’s intent.

    That it was chosen to be the anthem of the EU is extremely disturbing given it’s history. Not least because it is a GERMAN song. (Remember them? Those are the guys who already tried to conquer Europe twice in one century.)

    These scumbags intentionally exploited the songs mulitple significances.

    So as far as we should be concearned they did it because of its association with both Adolf Hitler and the Communist totalitarian oppression of eastern europe.

  3. Some of them will be dead – and those are the ones I despise most, of the generation that saw the newsreels of the Nazi deathcamps yet deny the right of Israel to exist.

  4. The jihadists are openly talking about rebuilding the death camps, what the fools supporting them should remember is that it wasn’t only 6 million Jews that were murdered, there were 4 million others, Gypsies, Catholics, Protestants and others the Nazi’s thought enemies, who were murdered as well. Anyone who sells out their own nation and culture is always look down on by the ones who buys them. Given time they will end up in the ovens with the Jews.

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