Norway:Christian converts from islam flee in fear from muslims at asylum reseption center


Published by Trinity on 2011/8/31  

Muslims at the asylum center told him: “This is Jihad, holy war, and we are waiting for at fatwa (licence to kill) from the local imam at the mosque in Sandnes”
I had to escape and flee the asylum reception center in fear for my life, “Arsland” tells the news paper Dagen.

“Arsland” is from Afghanistan, converted to Christianity a while a go, and is now baptized as a Christian.
Arsland is friends with “Ali”, the Christian convert from islam who got attacked with boiling water and acid at the asylum reseption a few days ago.The young Afghan man is afraid to show his face and real name to the reporters, because he knows the muslims are out to get a hold of him.

Hostile attitude:

– Another Christian friend of mine also noticed the hostile attitude of Muslims at the reception. “We must escape, for I fear that they will kill us,” he said.
So I rode off at 1:30 Sunday morning, and went to the Bird Park at Nærbø. There, I tried to sleep on a bench while it was raining, says “Arsland”. Sunday he was taken care of by Christian friends who live in that area.
Over the weekend, “Ali” moved to another asylum seeker reception because of the lack of security at Hå asylum reception center. while three other Christian converts from Afghanistan also fled Hå reception center, and is scattered in Jæren among Christian supporters.


“Arsland” was an eyewitness to some of the harassment and violence “Ali” was exposed to last tuesday

I heard screaming and went out of the room to see what happened. I witnessed that “Ali” fell on to the floor after it was being poured boiling water over him. Muslims from Somalia turned loose on him and they shouted · «This is jihad (holy war), says” Arsland “.

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  1. While on the one hand the West is busy trying to export democracy and the rule of law to the Muslim world they are on the other hand importing barbaric sharia on to its own shores. Apart from that: I do not understand why anyone converting out of Islam would go public, particularly in a den of madrassas graduates. In general they do not have the simple A, B, C of what democracy or any of its freedoms means. Boot the retard of an iman and his flock back to the sharia land asap!

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