Muslims stage (?) riot at amusement park

There is some speculation at this early stage about what this is all about. One thing is for sure, we will soon see this every day if we do not already.

Firstly, I made a video of a news story about this incident here below, but you can click over to see it in it’s original form at TheBlaze here.

Now below, some speculation about what may be the motive behind all this from The New English Review, some of which is below. But click through for the whole thing please.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Did the MAS and CAIR Foment a Riot at New York Amusement Park?

A tip of the chapeau to Judy B.

3000 Muslims  converged  on the Rye-Playland amusement park in suburban Westchester County, New York to celebrate the holiday of Eid-ul Fitr at the conclusion of Ramadan. The Muslims came to the amusement park in a program sponsored by the Muslim American Society (MAS) of New York, a Muslim Brotherhood front group. Rye- Playland, a facility I knew well from having lived in neighboring Fairfield County, Connecticut, had introduced safety rules three years ago for headgear to prevent accidents. This safety precaution was explained by the amusement park’s operators and the Westchester County Parks Commission to the MAS  well in advance of the Muslim crowd entering the amusement park. When several women with children decided to enter roller coaster rides, they were barred.from doing so by police. What ensued was a riot with arrests made by the more than 100 Westchester County police called in to quell the melee  .  Of course, the provcation was immediately seized on by Muslims and by the New York Chapter of CAIR.  Was this a failure to communicate or more likely a provocation to assert Muslim demands on this final celebration of Ramadan.  Muslims had come to Rye-Playland in prior years without this altercation occuring.

Here are  the details from  a New York Daily News report  of what could have been  a’ failure to communicate’ or an outright provocation..

Rye Playland was shut down Tuesday after cops scuffled with Muslims upset that women wearing head scarves were barred from the rides, witnesses said.

Fifteen people, including three women, were charged with disorderly conduct and assault in the chaos, authorities said.


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7 Replies to “Muslims stage (?) riot at amusement park”

  1. What part of ‘One rule (One law) for all’ don’t they get?
    Imams, please take notes and tell your brain washed zombies that in America, the rules applies to everyone equally.

  2. Muslims are claiming that what happened to them was because they were Muslims.

    I have to agree. Muslims are enjoined by their belief, that they must challenge the Kuffar state, when and where possible. At the end of Ramadan, when the fasting month is over, this was a nice little jolly to get a few Jihad points in allah’s note book. Muslims broke the law, but their belief tells them to challenge the Kuffar’s man-made law. So yes, they were arrested for being Muslim.

    No real solution to this problem except to advice Muslims to go to an Islamic country.

  3. The Muslim holiday of Id al Fitr was originally instituted as a celebration of the supremacy of Islam over non-Muslims. Maybe they were trying to make that point again on THEIR holiday,

  4. Rye Playland officials covered their bases by publishing their dress code online and communicating these restrictions well in advance. Good on them.
    This is not the only amusement park offering “Muslim Family Day” events, though. Comments at various news sites reveal some of these muslims assumed there could be no such restriction on religious garments since nearby parks like “Six Flags” do not have such a restriction, which is confirmed simply by going to the Six Flags website. Given this recent broohaha at Rye Playland, will Six Flags make changes to their dress code? If Six Flags and other amusement parks do not restrict loose clothing on their amusement rides, would you risk your children or self on a thrill ride on which park officials permit these hazards ?
    As tempting as it may be permit Darwin it’s way with the hijab on amusement park rides, common sense steps in as such foolishness extends undue risk to ALL amusement park passengers.
    Six Flags, Great Adventure has their “Muslim Family Day” planned for September 16th from 10am to 10pm in NJ (several other 6 Flags locations offer it on other dates as well) . If patron safety is not visibly made a top concern, I know I will not be patronizing the park on any given ‘muslim family day’, nor would I patronize a park which allows loose articles of clothing on thrill rides. Safety first.

  5. I agree it was staged, probably for a law suit but in this case since it was safety regulations that barred them from the rides they may, I repeat may be disappointed in the result.

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