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8 Replies to “Another interesting perspective on Islam in Europe”

  1. Well said… muslims who want to live out their culture and impose it onto our countries Need to go back to where they came from.

  2. He is right, the ordinary Europeans are going to end up revolting and driving the Moslems out of Europe. How many of the European nations will survive the coming troubles is a good question, and one that I can’t answer.

  3. i liked this: ulfkotte talks about incest, the host asks him if this hasn’t economic causes. so, being poor makes me marry my cousin? it seems so, but not if i happen to be an unbeliever?

  4. I must say I agree with his idea that muslims will not take over. This is an absurd fantasy. Moslems can not even take over muslim countries like Syria! They can not even eliminate the 16 or 17 million infidels who live in Bangladesh. They are useless idiots. The same goes for Malaysia. Rubbish at converting the Hindus and Buddhist to submit to their stupid religion. The Indians and Chinese ignore their attempts and just keep on controlling the economy.

  5. This man is a great man. His insight is special as he used to be a muslim. He is a person who sees things from a unique point of view.

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