The Tundra Tabloids met René Stadtkewitz in Berlin last year, during the launching of his new party, Die Freiheit, (October, 28, Berlin). The party is destined to be on the forefront on bucking trends of political correctness, like this next initiative in speaking on 9/11 on Ground Zero in NYC. Kudos to both the man and his party for sticking up for the US, Liberal democracy and Western civilization.

He is in the same league as Geert Wilders and the rest of the honorable anti-Islamization movement. The TT was proud to meet him and be present at that memorable moment when Die Freiheit became a de facto, political party. KGS

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More here.

Here is the video taken by the TT during the introduction of Stadtkewitz and Geert Wilders.

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  1. The patriotic Europeans are waking up and starting to fight back, just as the ordinary Canadians and Americans are waking up, hopefully this won’t be too little too late.

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