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11 Replies to “Tripoli rebel leader an Al Queda asset?”

  1. So Barry (actually those around him) takes out Osama the head of and creator of Al Qaeda as payback for 9/11 but now supports (through war, taxpayer dollars & loss of American lives) one of his Al Qaeda leaders in the conquest of Libya? Is someone not doing their research or are they complicit? Am I losing my mind, I don’t get it?

  2. Obama was forced to take out Osama, the publicity would have been too bad when it came out he didn’t. His actions in Libya are showing his true beliefs, as far as he is concerned anyone who is against the US is a good guy to be supported.

    This news just confirms what I have been saying since the “Arab Spring” started, the jihadists/Islamists are taking over, when they weren’t already in control and are going to attack the west when they think they have enough power.

  3. I dunno. I really don’t. I am sure a conservative such as VT is already aware of russian propoganda techniques. But just because a clip validates what one is thinking, you really really should not be endorsing RT as a news source that patriotic westerners should exposing themselves to. The whole purpose of RT is to REDUCE western patriotism.

    RT is absolutely a propoganda tool for Russia, just as Press TV is a propoganda tool for Iran. Have they ever released a positive story about another country on youtube?

    Have they ever released a negative story about Putin? A story about the russian agent that was killed in london? A story about Anna Politkovskaya the russian reporter who was killed because of her reporting? A negative story about the FSB (KGB). A story about organized crime in Russia and it’s links to the FSB?

    Have they released a story about the US that didn’t promote Russian interests? And keep in mind that subversion techniques are very often subtle or indirect. The direct story is that this guy is claiming the lybian military leader had once been a jihadist asset. The indirect story, the story they want to slip into our heads unawares, is that we should not have faith in our western institutions. That is the indirect message of most RT stories.

    They are not reporting in english because they want to show the russian perspective. They are reporting in english because they want to manipulate THE WESTERN PERSPECTIVE.

    They are reporting this in english only because they want western citizens to think less of their governments by showing that they must be incompetant.

    Just because a story may support your opinion you still shouldn’t be validating a news outlet which has similar predatory goals re the psychology of western citizens, as the western jihadist propogandists.

    If readers of your blog think you endorse RT and continue to watch it then over time RT’s subversive intent will subtly affect their thinking.

    Putting their vids up implies that they are a legitimate news outlet that should be listened to in future. And they most certainly ARE NOT!

    Just sayin…

  4. When*Pigs*Fly
    There has been an internal problem with Al Qaeda for a few years now. With Bin laden as the figure head of the old views on the direction Al Qaeda should move.

    as far as I understand it Al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden didn’t want any cooperation with the Shiites or temporary truce the rivals want a truce and working allies against the great evil.

    This is how in my opinion we were able to get these two. The rivals gave the locations away. Yes, it was a bloody internal argument.

    We are better off if they are fighting each other in my opinion. Obama is helping them greatly.

  5. Truthiocity the British papers and the conservative blogs earlier this year had reports about Western Spec ops types training the Libyan rebels including al Qaeda members that had been fighting them in Afghanistan and Iraq





    these are just a few of the articles about al Qaeda in Libya, I didn’t want to hog more space but my google search showed 19 pages of results on al Qaeda in Libya. Yes RT is a propaganda arm of the Russian government but when their reports serve our purposes there is no reason not to use them. Especially when they are reporting on facts that the vast majority of Western media types (new and old) aren’t reporting on or don’t have the resources to discover.

  6. Thank you very much for taking time out from more important business to address my concearn so thuroughly and am very glad you are aware that RT is a propoganda organ.

    My concearn was not with the story as I have read the same from more trustable news outlets (including this site) and have drawn fire myself IRL for daring to repeat it around people who consider themselves libral.

    I remember when retalitory strikes were launched against Qu-daffy, socialists, leftists and librals came out of the woodwork to screach at how horrible the US was for doing such things. Isn’t it odd that all these exact same sorts of people who defendeed Qu-daffy before all of a sudden insist that he is a horrible person who oppresses his people and needs to go. Very very odd.

  7. I do not doubt for a second Euro or American intelligence knew exactly who he was before they decided to give assistance. We must have been given assurances of some sort before stepping in to help the rebels. What those assurances were and weather they are worth the paper they were written on is another matter.

    It has been argued in some quarters that this is really a re-colonialization adventure of Italy’s of some sort. Italy stepped out sooo fast only in order to give themselves deniability AFTER the process started. That does not guarentee the results will be to Italy’s benifit.

    Lets just see which country gets which contracts after (or while) the dust settles.

  8. Yeah this war was about oil, all about oil and the left loved it, Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t about oil and the left hated them. No the US isn’t good at turning war into profit, our mindset and the mindset of our politicians don’t run that way, the Europeans on the other hand have and centuries of making sure war pays a profit. WWI and WWII being the exceptions.

  9. Also it is unlikely that this is a re-colonization effort, Europe is still in the PC multi-cultural mindset that opposes all European efforts to export their culture. Besides they don’t have the military strength, Europe by itself couldn’t provide the needed air cover, this tells you a lot about the military strength of those nations.

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