Muslim shopkeeper defends freedom of choice in the UK.

This is a very interesting argument. I think this shopkeeper, although clearly a devout member of the Islamic community, shows some really good values overall, eve if I don’t agree with some of his opinions. If only his attitude was the dominant one in the Western world’s Islamic community.

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10 Replies to “Muslim shopkeeper defends freedom of choice in the UK.”

  1. That woman is a fool and the shop keeper is a brave man, wanna bet she is a white convert.

    FYI I have never heard of a boycott that worked, the boycott against South Africa didn’t work, the white apartheid government didn’t fall until after the fall of the Soviet Union. At which time the White government surrendered.

  2. HHHhhhmmmm! Ironic isn’t it. I wonder if this is why Islamists don’t want women to have rights . . . This women just doesn’t know how to have a discussion. Her mouth just keeps on running and nothing intelligent is coming out.

  3. Ramjet I would bet you anything that its much less because she is a woman than because she has a modern university education.

  4. This actually exemplifies why eventually western societies WILL be brought to their knees if it allows muslim penetration to fester and spread in it’s ranks. A conflict is unavoidable.

  5. I say she should have gone for an Israeli date and then married him. Perhaps had she, she wouldn’t be filled with such hate.

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