‘Witch-finders already have their sights on me’: David Starkey hits back after causing race storm with Newsnight outburst

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  • Writer describes reaction to his Newsnight riot comments as ‘hysterical’

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Last updated at 1:48 AM on 20th August 2011

Historian David Starkey has defended his controversial outburst on Newsnight which sparked a racism storm following the riots – by protesting that the subject of race has become unmentionable.

The writer and broadcaster was condemned for commenting on Newsnight that ‘whites have become black’, while appearing to blame the disorder on black ‘gangsta’ culture.

Hitting back at his detractors, he said the reaction to his remarks had been hysterical.

David Starkey sparked anger as he suggested that black 'gangster' culture had become the normDavid Starkey sparked anger as he suggested that black ‘gangster’ culture had become the norm

‘We will not continue, I think, to tolerate being lied to and cheated in the matter of race,’ he wrote in the Daily Telegraph. ‘Instead of ‘not in front of the children’, we want honesty.’

The historian’s original comments prompted hundreds of complaints, with the BBC saying viewers felt his contribution to the programme was ‘inappropriate and racially offensive’.

But Starkey told the newspaper: ‘I thought my appearance on Newsnight was supposed to be part of a wide-ranging discussion about the state of the nation.


‘Central to any such discussion, it seems to me, are the successes and failures of integration in Britain in the past 50 years. And it was these that I was trying to address.’

Admitting that his friends agreed his greatest error was mentioning former politician Enoch Powell, whose 1968 Rivers of Blood speech attacked immigration, he added that a legacy of the reaction to Powell had been ‘an enforced silence on the matter of race’.

He wrote: ‘The subject has become unmentionable, by whites at any rate. And any breach has been punished by ostracism and worse.

Response: The BBC fought back against complaints from viewers that Dr Starkey's views were not challenged strongly enoughResponse: The BBC fought back against complaints from viewers that Dr Starkey’s views were not challenged strongly enough

‘As the hysterical reaction to my remarks shows, the witch-finders already have their sights on me.’

He also insisted he had been trying to point out ‘the very different patterns of integration at the top and bottom of the social scale.’

He wrote: ‘At the top, successful blacks, like (MPs) David Lammy and Diane Abbott have merged effortlessly into what continues to be a largely white elite…

‘At the bottom of the heap, the story of integration is the opposite: it is the white lumpen proletariat, cruelly known as the ‘chavs’, who have integrated into the pervasive black ‘gangsta’ culture.’

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10 Replies to “‘Witch-finders already have their sights on me’: David Starkey hits back after causing race storm with Newsnight outburst”

  1. I wouldn’t have but it that way but many of the whites are assimilating into the Black Culture. This has been encouraged by the left since it damages the West.

  2. This blog is less and less about islam and more and more about race. It will only take a short hop and stormfront bloggers will have a happy home here.

  3. I listened to that interview and David Starkey was bang on. The unfortunate aspect with this issue is that the parents are completely left off the hook. What decent parents would let their kids wear pants down to their knees, etc. The parents (those that are around for their kids of course) are to blame for this.

  4. Victims:

    I’m glad you raised that issue. There is a clear distinction between culture or religion etc. and race. Culture/religion is a determiner of behaviour. Culture is the OS, if you will, of the human brain. While race may play a smaller part, it is, as far as I am concerned, relatively inconsequential. However when the media whitewashes a racial aspect to a story where race is a key aspect of it, such as for example the gang of dozens or hundreds of black youths who go out and deliberately target white people for crime and violence merely because they are white, this needs to be dealt with honestly.

    As I have said in a previous post, it bears further taxonomic investigation. For example, I would be willing to bet that people culturally from Jamaica or Somalia are over-represented in gang violence while people from Barbados or Ethiopia are under-represented. Why? Because culture plays a larger role than race.

    However it seems that very few if anyone is willing to have the kind of critical public discussion required to solve any sort of cultural problem. One cannot as a rule solve an issue without at least at first an honest investigation of it. And if Stormfront finds some of these posts useful to their agenda, well I can’t help that but I can say that their agenda is not mine, at least what little I know of their agenda. I can say that if proper critical analysis is not done of these issues, then voices like Stormfront will appear to be the only solution and their likely facile and damaging world-view or one like it may take control for a while until the damage it does outpaces any perceived benefits that may be gained.

    In any case I’m glad you raised the point. At least it is a catalyst of something that urgently needs to happen, and has been suppressed by political correctness to the point where a truly horrific false-dichotomy rules the debate.


  5. I think the cultural aspects however, are closely tied to the race. When we think of Vikings we think of rape and pillage. When we think of Romans and the Victorian English(who saw themselves as modern Romans) we think of stern administrators of an empire. When we think of the Congo we think of the “heart of darkness”. However, no race is monolithic in its qualities. In Viking times when for over three hundred years Europe was under attack from Northern pirates their may have been a few thoughtful Vikings who saw the bloodshed as evil and their blood eagle sacrifices of humans to their gods as vile. The modern situation is even more complex. With cultural clash of the kind we have today all kinds of mutant hybrids are coming up. White folks who think and act like black kids. Black kids who get teased for acting white (reading too much and getting great grades at school). So the complexity of the modern situation leads Stormfront to take a pure racial viewpoint. The modern world is too complex for them. Simplification is needed. White race and with it white culture. Problem. Simplification is the opposite of what the multiculturalist want. Vlad too has this problem but takes a different line but that line looks more and more like a yearning for a pre-viking Golden age when the bloodshed was non-existent. Now the modern version of the Vikings are here and their is no turning the clock back. Stormfront say lets throw them out and turn the clock back. A fantasy and they know it but sing it every day. The war we need to wage must be cultural. There is no turning the clock back on the racial front with the elites we have in control of our destiny, who through their vast social engineering experiment of multiculturalism demand and enforce what they want.

  6. Things are getting better in the heart of darkness. The light of Jesus is spreading. We will not hide our light under a bush but let it shine out.

  7. Victims you are right, it is a cultural war, one that has been going on for decades and one that the Europeans (whites) have been ignoring. The multicultural idea that all cultures are equal means that all cultures are equally bad and disposable, combine this with the inherited guilt that the left pushes in the form of white guilt (I refuse to feel guilty for anything I personally didn’t do) and you find people, way too many people who are willing to let their culture die thinking the other cultures don’t murder and enslave. For decades the left has been dumbing down the Western educational systems and refusing to teach the facts of history, now their efforts are bearing fruit, a very bitter fruit for all of us.

    As I said before I wish I knew how this war was going to end but barring some medical miracles I will be dead long before this war is over.

  8. Richard I wish you a long life. The problem of modern society is the fact that there are a lot of imported communities and then along comes Culteral Marxism and says, “hey not to worry all is well as everyone is equal racially and culterally.” I of course beg to differ. Problem; if you do that then you are automatically a bigot. So since the Culteral Marxists hold the whip hand as they are the liberal elite social engineers of this world we live in then dissent is not an option. How we descent is of importance. Not everything Stormfront says is beyond the pale. Some of the posters are intelligent and say valuable things. But for us I think the cultural issue is of key importance and that is where the teaching of history is key. I understood from you that Marxism goes back not to Marx but the French Revolution. Later through my own research I found out it was then updated by Marx and then the Frankfurt School and also by and Antonio Gramsci writing his thesis on society while imprisoned by Mussolini ; and then crucially in the swinging sixties impacted by the writings of Herbert Marcuse which then helped Culteral Marxism change into the multicultural all embracing powerful elite Politically Correct entity it is today. Since you are a student of history I hope what I say is correct.

  9. Victim you are right about the Marxism, they are the most dangerous enemy we face today. Their great danger is that they are in our nations and have great power, until the raise of the cable news and the internet they had an almost total monopoly on the news industry and filtered what everyone heard. They are now struggling to maintain their hold on power while facing a revolt of the masses who have access to alternative news sources. Now their lies are harder to sell but many people continue to believe them.

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