‘Some People might be coming, some of whom may be British (but that isn’t the main point) and some of whom, may wish to interfere with the creation of an independent USA, but not all, and we have no right to interfere with these possibly British people until we see what they do, and examine each one on an individual basis’

The above preposterous headline would be the Canadian, legally allowed version of what Paul Revere would have been allowed to say, if he were alive today and attempting to warn anyone about anything.

Please read the document here linked, about a Canadian broadcast standards decision on some TV show where a guy talks about Islam. For the record, I could give this bureaucracy what they wanted in terms of facts etc. Where they mention Arafat, there is lots of video of his speech right after the Oslo accords were agreed to, where he explains quite clearly to his own people that he was bullshitting the Jews and Americans for the upper hand. It is in the excellent movie ‘Farewell Israel which really is a must see for anyone who hasn’t seen it. But all the evidence the CBSC needed is in it.

In any case,

1. this board should not exist

2. Governments have no right to ‘regulate the airwaves or license them’. Bandwidth is unlimited and there simply is no excuse for government to treat Hz. like it was crown land.

3. The opinions of people are always subject to debate but should not be subject to government censorship because that censorship is always and will always be selectively enforced. While they may shut-up a few people who speak facts about Islam, they will never stop Muslims from preaching the central dogma of the faith, which is one of hatred and conquest in any case.

So the repercussions of this decision I have no idea. But I felt it was worth noting that some government regulatory body like this exists, and that they spend an inordinate amount of time and therefore public money discussing and regulating opinion on TV.

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11 Replies to “‘Some People might be coming, some of whom may be British (but that isn’t the main point) and some of whom, may wish to interfere with the creation of an independent USA, but not all, and we have no right to interfere with these possibly British people until we see what they do, and examine each one on an individual basis’”

  1. This absolutely infuriates me. No one, no government or political body has the authority to tell me what to think or say. How bloody dare they?

    Our freedom of speech is being quietly and continually eroded. Once it is gone we may as well adopt the title of serf because that’s what well be, serfs, brainwashed automatons. Do not stand for this, especially when it comes to an invading force in your own backyard.

  2. The various censorship types have so much power because we the people have not been paying enough attention, they will continue to erode our freedom until we finally revolt and send them to the pen for violation of our rights.

  3. This is such horseshit. On the panel sits a “H. Hassan (Vice Chair)”, what does that tell you?

    So airing the facts about Islamic doctrine, namely that “Muslims believe it is their divine call to eliminate the Jews”, is the same as making abusive and unduly discriminatory comments about Muslims, contrary to the provisions of the Human Rights Clauses of the CAB Code of Ethics and Equitable Portrayal Code?

    The mind boggles.

    You better get rid of The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council altogether or kick the Muslim out.

    How did he get in there in the first place?

  4. So, the West becomes more Islamic in order to accommodate Islam AND the Muslim world becomes more Islamic in order to reject the West and reawaken Islam.

    Further, in order to accommodate Islam the West must fall silent whenever Muslims appropriate our nations, and in “Islam has always been part of (Canada, USA…)” when the clear facts are there to see in our respective Remembrance and Memorial Days; only Christian and Jewish religious symbols adorn the cemetaries of the fallen. Muslims have not contributed a single thing to the betterment of any society, let alone the ones they have been allowed into in order to insult the inhabitants who built the place, cleared the land, paved the roads and established civilization.

    The Left hates. It hates Christians and Jews but never hates those who share their fantasy of doing away with the religion of their countrymen. In Islam, the Left has found a perfect partner and like the Left, they haven’t thought out very much, like what happens once they empower Islam to make laws that run afowl of the gay agenda. Will they still be able to project all ills upon Christians and Jews and avert their glazed eyes from Islam?

    The “good” outcome is when the Left realizes its profound mistake and then complains, “Why didn’t YOU (right wingers) say something?” And like the Left, it will put the blame on anyone but themselves.

  5. This is one I hope to see on Sun News Network, over and over and over, because if you note, the name of the guy on the panel Hussain? Isn’t that an islamic name, it reminds me of the time I was assaulted by the subway rage boy, when I tried to call the TTS in Toronto, the guy I spoke to told me I was in violation of the islamic book, and their religion and that I had insulted their religion, When I asked for his name, he said Husaain,,,,big surprise,,,its like trying to get support for an Israeli democracy at the United Nations of Idiot Cultists.

    This outrageous decision by our so called board must be brought to the attention of all the Ministers in our government and also put on news over and over and over until people realize who these enforcers of tongue cutting are pushed back into the hell holes they crawled up from

  6. Just a little googling shows that:

    Hanny Hassan, a resident of London, Ontario, who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to voluntary service was recently named to the Order of Canada.

    Hassan is well-known for his work in cross cultural and interfaith understanding, specifically in the Arab and Muslim communities.

    There you go. A Muslim working diligently for 40 years to have your free speech rights taken away. And he is rewarded with the order of Canuckistan. I could scream!

    Read more: http://iqra.ca/?p=4711#ixzz1Vhfy7FG2

  7. occupant 9 the left never, repeat never admits to a mistake, they always blame other people without out ever saying they made a mistake. Just as they never admit a leftist program is a failure and vote to stop it, they will continue to throw money at it no matter how bad the failure.

  8. Richard, too true. Whenever a Leftist commits mass murder that particular Leftist magically becomes a “right winger” and lays the blame thusly. I wonder, is there a number of millions of dead that would make the Left notice their base assumptions are deadly?

  9. occupant I doubt if there is, look at the massive death toll of the USSR and Communist China, instead of showing revulsion at the mass murders they either ignore them or say there weren’t as many as we hear.

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