Questions raised on the modus of the Norwegian police during the slaughter

This is a peculiar one. Several videos have appeared recently that call into question the modus operandi of the Norwegian police during that terrorist attack they had recently in Oslo as well as on that Island. The video below is from a citizen who filmed some of what was going on there. Pay special attention to where the police boat turns around and the Norwegian law enforcement decides to pick another place to land much farther away and lenghtnening the response time as well as costing the deaths of more people at the socialist camp where the shooting took place.

I can’t help but wonder if this is connected in policy to the British police, who now very overtly have a system where police do not put themselves in danger for the British public but instead, wait till it’s all over, presumably to guarantee the safe filling out of insurance reports once the corpses are all cold.

I believe it was Mark Steyn who recently said something like, “The British police now enforce all aspects of British life except actual crime” Truly the sign of a senile civilization. More on that in a future post.

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  1. Contrast these actions with the fire fighters in New York City on 9/11/01, that will tell you who takes their oaths seriously and who doesn’t.

  2. Where you there? Do you know what the scenario that was panned out? The police had intel on multiple gunmen. Also that explosives was on the island. What if Delta started launching a boat atempt amongs civilians and a shooter opened fire? How many children/vlunteers would be damaged? if the then assumed multiple gunmen set off explosives on Deltas arrival if they just went to a people dense beach on the island? Local police did not launch an atempt at getting to the island, do you even hava any idea how many rounds it takes to hold suppresive fire whilst ceossing a water in the open against possible multiple shooters?

    I’m no police officer tho i work in emergency services and have close friends that was there as ambulance personel . Sometives cautios directives are there to protect civilians tho lack of training and seeing a little beyond make sit all look so very different

  3. When someone is murdering teens any orders to do anything besides going in is a criminal order. No I am not a policeman either, but my best friend is a retired officer and he says the same thing.

  4. Having regard to not going ashore, verses going ashore at a different location, had the emergency services in the form of law enforcement had “intel”, on numerous shooters, they would have a) had more personnel available, b) landed at multiple locations having regard to terrain, distance from area of interest and having to ingress on foot. Giving rise to the need to land in close proximity. Not having seen a diagram or aerial view of the site I can only hope the officers landed where they did in the knowledge that either transport on the island was available. Otherwise they messed up or were told to do what they did, how they did it from officers remote from the scene.
    In this day and age the adherence to DRABC (Danger) being the first consideration, whilst a good thing in a situation like a passerby stopping to help a person being electrocuted, (he would have to do nothing while the victim is being electrocuted till power off or he could safely move the power source away from the victim), is a good thing. But some professions like police, special forces, fire and rescue have to accept a certain amount of leeway to that mantra. The very nature of the job they do dictates they help first. Good soldiers run towards the sound of guns for instance.
    These officers individually would be itching to get to grips on the ground, close to the location, assess who is doing what, to whom, from where and in what numbers? Then go in using tactical set ups they no doubt would have rehearsed many times. To sit back and piss around like they did would seem to be evidence of commands to them from higher up and from a location remote from the scene of the event.

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