Time for some Steyn

Here are a few interviews with Mr. Steyn on the British riots. Of course he is spot on, which, as I have realized over the past few years, means absolutely nothing, as we seem to have abandoned the truth itself as a method of evaluating information. Fortunately Mark Steyn is also funny which gives him at least a chance of being heard before he is arrested for challenging the new orthodoxy.

By the way, he mentions Hayek’s important book, ‘The Road to Serfdom’. Here is a classic comics version of it.

Aug 12 2011

“Horrible zombie Husks” Man that guy can turn a phrase.

The statistics in this clip above, are truly frightening. Sam Raimi needs to do a movie about British zombies shuffling through the streets looking for an open welfare office left un-torched

Mark Steyn, like a precious few today, is a national treasure. I have been following his writing since he had a column at the National Post. One of the reasons I admire him is that when he makes an outrageous, ‘can’t be true’ must-be-a-wild-exageration claim, when you look it up it is either dead on the facts or he has under-stated his own case and things are more the way he said it is than he said it is.

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