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11 Replies to “Maryland Flash-mob”

  1. I remember the days when flash mobs were about group dancing or marriage proposals, now this. Seriously though, this isn’t really new. I saw something similar while I was a graduate student in Galveston, Texas back in the late ’80s. Groups of kids would gather behind a convenience store then storm in grabbing everything they could and run out while the clerk was busy with a line of paying customers. There was nothing the clerk could do to stop it. Hordes of kids would also enter through the back door of a grocery store, run through grabbing stuff, then go out the front door. Again clerks could not stop them. This is why there were so few grocery stores near the islands projects and is probably why there are so few grocery stores in inner cities. Who can afford to open a grocery store in a neighborhood filled with humans who behave like a pack of beasts? Meanwhile bleeding hearts whine on and on about the lack of healthy food choices in poor neighborhoods.

  2. My guess is, they are busy disarming people, shifting the culture away from the sense of right to protect yourself and your goods, and planning to increase penalties for anyone who attempts to defend themselves while also demonizing them. Ask Bernard Goetz for example.

    I saw an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ recently, an otherwise great show if it wasn’t for its brutally leftist bent, where they spat out the idea that Goetz had been riding around on the subways looking for an opportunity to shoot muggers as if that was a bad thing. The way they expressed it, it really felt like a bad thing. Then I thought to myself, ‘Oh wait. You mean like cops’. Somehow they made it a crime to prepare yourself for a crime against yourself. As Richard says, “Welcome to the world the left has made for us.”

  3. They are trying to disarm us. See Operation Fast and Furious and how the government is trying to use that fiasco as an excuse to slap regulations on gun shops in border states.

  4. You got that right Les, as far as I can tell Fast and Furious was designed to create headlines that would scare people into signing on for more gun laws.

    Thank you Eeyore I have used that expression for years and you are the first to copy it.

  5. Eeyore you might like this one:

    Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan: “American Soldiers Not Fort Hood Shooter Are Terrorists”

  6. Upon closer look you can see that the kids didn’t take anything. It looks as if they are putting their hands in and out of the shelves to make it look like they are stealing. There are no reports of anything actually being taken from the store.

  7. gedi either you didn’t watch the entire video or you need new glasses, they took things, at least one item per person and often more.

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