Are you sure they were black?

For the past few decades there has been a slow but consistent shift of how we are expected to view culpability. Most likely because of the memes invented and implanted by the Frankfurt School, but if that is too conspiratorial for us, then just a slow natural shift perhaps due to the raw affluence of our capitalist successes and consequent wealth, leading to extravagances of thought, the idea that we are so much better than everyone else, we must actually be more responsible than everyone else.

The shift of course is one of moving away from anti-racism to genuine racism and calling it anti racism. This happens in lots of ways but the most repugnant is:

The deliberate suppression of any information about racism towards white people, including the sanitization of history in order to make it appear as if only white Europeans are capable of agency and that all other people are acting ‘naturally’ in some manner.

This would be the racism of lower expectations. That non-white people somehow cannot help being what they are, so we must celebrate their cultures at the expense of our own, while simultaneously making our own cultures repugnant to us as well as, in many cases, actually illegal. (Smoking in bars very illegal, hookah in kebab joints, a proud symbol of multiculturalism) We look at our own culture as being a function of choice so we can make our own religions illegal, our habits and vices, (unless they are seen to annoy conservatives) while violating all our own conceptions of natural human rights to accommodate the most primitive cultures we can find and then pay them to live among us, while they break our laws and customs with malice and contempt for all we have created.

One must at all costs avoid the evidence of ones own senses…

in favour of the notion that all ethnic groups get along really well and the only real problem in England are not the non-British people, who often feel no connection with British culture, and indeed have no connection with British history. After all when they form vigilante groups to take the law into their own hands because of a clear and indisputable failure of the British constabulary to defend the property and safety of the people within England (I hesitate to say English people) at the best of times and are actually worse than useless during the riots…

There does seem to be an odd double standard here though. Why is it when non-white people who have no actual British cultural heritage get swords and stand around in a mob racing from place to place to fight other gangs, these people are noble men protecting their culture, their way of life and their families. Listen to the Sikh’s speak about the importance of their temples to them. I agree with them of course, they should have the right to defend them for whatever reasons at all, even if it’s just because it’s where they hide the porn. But the fact that the media makes damn sure that it appears noble when untrained armed men run around looking for a fight so long as they are:

1. Not white

2. Not culturally British in any traditional way

“…We joined these Sikh volunteers in Hansworth as they stood vigil outside their temple…”

And then, you have what the Prime Minister of England himself says about the one group of British ‘youths’ who actually want to defend rule of law, British culture and liberal democracy, the history of the UK and the preservation of it’s people and history, right from the official record of Parliament (Thanks Baron)

The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman speaks not only for his constituents, but, frankly, for the whole House in deprecating the English Defence League and all it stands for. On its attempt to say that it will somehow help to restore order, I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.

Yep. Those noble Sikhs and Muslims and everyone else showing community spirit and stepping up to the plate to defend their temples and businesses from lawlessness. But the British who actually tried to defend not just their homes but entire communities including all within from rioters and looters? None sicker than they.

Eeyore for Vlad.




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  1. Very well thought out and well written article. You get right to the crux of the matter and help us to understand it. I wish you would write more articles, you are so good at it. I rank you right up there with my favorites, Robert Spencer and Daniel Greenfield.

  2. The reverse racism as it use to be called is very strong on the left, they hate all whites and every aspect of the white culture, of course the traditional white culture opposes the dictatorial policies and goals of the left and for this reason the left must destroy it. One of the things the left has to do to take over the west is to disarm the populace, for this reason the left refuses to accept the idea that the ordinary people who are white can be trusted to defend themselves.

  3. I’m having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that several different ethnic communities of people consider themselves to be the enemies of the people they live among, to the extent that they think nothing of taking advantage of a riot to rob or destroy items from their neighbors’ homes and businesses.

    No, I don’t claim to have had an exemplary upbringing, but because of the culture that I inherited, I’m just not the type of person who would be tempted to engage in looting or vandalism – despite the fact that I own scarcely any of the fancy trinkets and gewgaws that the looters seem to be running off with. I don’t feel all that deprived not having them.

    If I were living in some other part of the world, where I had no cultural or ethnic ties to the people living around me, and a natural disaster took place, it would still never occur to me to use that as an opportunity for law-breaking.

    And yes, I’m one of those eeeeevil white people of (gasp) SERBIAN ancestry. Go figure.

  4. Yep. You do write well. So maybe you could get paid by David Horowitz, too, just like those two fellows named above.

    A capital idea! And then you can do sharsies, right??

  5. How many EDL members were arrested or even videod looting or rioting? ZERO!

    How many members of the EDL ran into resturaunts and robbed and beat the partrons to the extent that they had to hide in the wine cellar? ZILCH!

    How many EDL members have been involved in any acts of vandalism OR vigileteism over this? NADA!

    Who were the first people to call for individuals to come togetether to help protect shops while the police were watching them being robbed? The EDL!

    Who were the VERY FIRST people to call for people to come together to help clean up after the rioters? THE EDL!

    There has been NO evidence of ANY maleficence on the part of the EDL ever yet Cameron insults them.

    While both Cameron and The mayor of London were sitting around on vacation and the police were peeing their pants, the EDL was attempting to organize peacefull cooperation to prevent and clean up after the riots.

    Cameron spouted that venomous bile at the EDL because they commited the crime of showing that that they care. Apparently caring and attempting to make a non violent difference is a crime in Cameron’s Big Society. I can’t say that I am suprised.

    They also comit the very british crime of talking while being working class. That is the equivalent of the American crime of driving while black. In Cameron’s world view the servant classes are to be seen and not heard. Or and definatly not seen to talk back.

  6. Excellent piece VT! England`s multi-culti elite revealed as the shysters they are.Along with their politically correct paramilitary enforcers And youtube`s little leftie censors can`t remove these videos, as they are stored elsewhere. The pathetic facade of “race equality” in England is a sham. Over the coming weeks you will gradually start to see those videos of the riots that reveal the ethnic levels of violence and looting start to be taken down from youtube.They will be removed by the leftist thought police to encourage “community cohesion”.Then in years to come the elites will be able to rewrite history as a non racial event.The only videos that will survive will show a politically acceptable racial balance! But many people have seen the truth.England has never been so divided in it`s history! The people including many professional and business people are realizing just how close to the edge we came. And the sick reality is this anarchy was actually deliberately engineered by our successive governments.

  7. Truthiocity, do you want to know why Cameron says such nonsense about the EDL? For all his recent meaningless babble about the failure of multiculturalism, in an attempt to emulate Angela Merkel, here’s what he really thinks about muslims in the UK:

    Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian (PORKISTANI, that is, as we all know) way of life, not the other way around.

  8. I just sit back next to a warm fire and I watch my enemies fight to the death for the last slice of cake which has been laced with arsenic.

  9. I agree with them of course, they should have the right to defend them(temples) for whatever reasons at all, even if it’s just because

    it’s where they hide their porn.

    Is that last bit necessary
    Hiding porn is not necessary in this day and age. With click of the mouse one can acess as much porn as one wants. Can one not say the same thing about churches. Is the local church where white people pray a place where people hide porn. Is it really necessary to say such things in the context of the modern internet porn revolution.

  10. Are not the elites of society who engineered the modern multicultural society to blame? Are we all not all just caught up in the cross fire. However, having said what I said just a minute ago I am going to confound you by saying that such slip shod weakly reason racism as demonstrated in that item in the article above is actually a good thing. Why? It demonstrates a degree of racism inherent in the tribal makeup of man that no amount of social engineering can remove. I have it in myself. I am extremely white and blonde and blue eyed. I often feel somewhat different from whites who are not as white as I am. So that is something I can not remove from my makeup. It is the way I am. It is pure egotism based on biology. Nothing to do with culture, country etc. Now when you get to the level of pure ego based on biology that is the most instinctive tribal territorial part of the human brain. No amount of cultural indoctrination will ever remove it. If I was the fastest sprinter (1oo meters) in the world I would feel the same only more so since all the fastest runners are black. Biology brings forth ego and ego brings forth the kind of racism that is so inherent and so difficult to eradicate.
    In the riots we get this level of racism and rioting and ego and tribalism and territoriality which means the most basic parts of our brains (popularly called the reptile brain) are involved. If one is not careful such outpourings can even appear in articles one writes but it is part of our destiny as humans to be like that unless we are very guarded. In riots the guards are off and the multilateral engineers are the ones who are truly confounded.

  11. I find your assumption to Sikh’s hiding pornography in their temples, in poor taste.
    Sikh’s moral standards are amongst the highest anywhere.

  12. Reclaiming the streets: Sikhs defend their temple and locals protect their pubs as ordinary Britons defy the rioters

    Read more:

    The media have shown UK residents of all colours uniting against the rioters. It is simply not true to say that there has been an attempt to hide the contribution that white britons have made to the protection and also to the tidying up effort after the riots. Type in to google : “tidying up after riots” and see a picture from the guardian no less showing english people happily tidying up after the riots. The media has not hidden the contributions of English people at all in these riots. Even the BBC has shown the defiant attitude of all people including english people against the rioters. This is one of the occasions when the mainstream media did a pretty good job. To find one video to nitpick is to ignore the masses of media MSM output which shows a fair and comprehensive attempt to understand the riots. I am more amazed than anyone to say anything good about the MSM but it is true in this case. Life is full of surprises.

  13. To say that the EDL are the only whites who care about protection and cleanup is not true. The condemnation of the rioters was universal. To characterise the PMs opposition to the EDL as an opposition to all white britons is just not true. The PM may dislike the EDL but that is not the same as disliking all English people. Apart from this lapse on the part of the PM which is standard for all politicians the PM did a pretty good job in showing leadership during this difficult time.

  14. The crack about hiding porn was to illustrate that the BBC managed to find a way to make gangs protecting an area of interest to them a noble and beautiful thing in the face of failure of the police and the state. I agree except that I dislike who they spun it. All people have a natural right to defend what is theirs for any reason at all. The EDL and other indigenous British groups attempted to protect whole towns and everything in it not just a church or pub and for this, were roundly castigated. Meanwhile, media played the violin because other, non-white, non-British gangs were bravely nobly protecting buildings and even running from one to the other looking for fights, that were culturally specific to them.

    I resent this. But that doesn’t take away from their right to protect that building whether it was a Sikh temple, even if it was the one Obama didn’t visit in India so as not to piss off the Muslims, or a liquor store or a strip joint. People have a right to protect their own property, their own persons, family and friends, and the products of their own work. There is no hierarchy on that.

  15. The new (far left) president of Britain’s National Union of Journalists denounced the people who volunteered to clean up Clapham and other riot-devastated areas as ‘scum’. Presumably because they were almost all white.

    It seems if you are white and try and defend your home/street from looters, you are (per Cameron) “sick.” And if you clean up the broken glass and paving stones afterwards, you are “scum.” Can it get any more insane than this?

  16. People have a right to protect their own property, their own persons, family and friends, and the products of their own work. There is no hierarchy on that.

    I agree. The problem is in the way things are reported. However, the people who are protecting their property can not protect themselves from unfair reportage. The internet blogs are also a way of reporting things. If one wants to hold others, the MSM, to a high standard of reporting one must be seen to achieve that very same standard in ones own reportage. Cracks about porn need to be eliminated whatever the motivation. One thing I will say about the MSM is that they do for the most part avoid vulgarity.

  17. I do not want to condemn clear racism( as in this case as regards the porn remark) per se . I actually think racism is a good thing in the war against Islam. Racial tension can be seen to be a good thing as it is a stage below the level at which the jihad/leftie alliance pitch their ideological angle. In the riots themselves it is pure tribal criminality and racial wrong doing. Something that the religion of peace and multicultural harmony angle will not be addressing as the violence just wrecks everything. A starting point of a new discourse away from the usual rhetoric about islamophobia and the right wing rising and the need to watch out for right wing gangs etc. This tribalism just trashes all that ideological rhetoric and puts things on a more basic foundation. A foundation that allows us for a change to break free of that particular pc ideological framework imposed on society by the leftie/muzzzie alliance. So a new liberated way of thinking is necessary however, it fails if it becomes vulgar as in this case.

  18. One of the BEST articles I have read about this event and it worthy of accolades and re-posting so many more will see this. I have long admired your writings and sense of literary ethics and morals.

    One has to wonder how much of this would have really taken place had the English citizens had the ability to defend themselves with weapons other than bats, bricks, sticks etc. When one disarms an entire country as England has, and you have a wimpy police force that is cowering in the corners, the results are predictable. The failure of the multicultural welfare state has been further exposed by these riots. We here in America must take heed as we are on the brink of the same thing. One difference is the armed American citizen. I know what I would do to protect my family, lives and property.

    Well done Eeyore, very well done.

  19. Being armed is important to be sure but we also have to pay close attention to the laws governing their use. Are you allowed to use deadly force if someone tries to invade your domicile? Is your business and car treated as an extension of your domicile? Does the law require you to “stand down” from a threat? With the proper rules of engagement for the police and the victims this would go away very quickly.

  20. From what I can see these riots are just the beginning of more and bigger riots and violence all around the world, the modern leftist governments refuse to protect the ordinary people and object if they defend themselves (unless they are a minority). Because of the weak response to the riots the next group will be larger and more violent, and once again the police will react with controlled force (ie not much) until after massive damage has been done.

    In our Civil War the draft riots in New York City were destroying large portions of the city, President Lincoln ordered the regulars into the city and used volley fire and grape shot from cannons to stop the riots. They didn’t start again, a quick harsh reaction to the riots will prevent others, in the long run the compassionate approach costs more lives and money.

  21. the modern leftist governments refuse to protect the ordinary people and object if they defend themselves (unless they are a minority).
    Richard I can not agree. The police force did a difficult job and had a tough job responding to everything. They did the best they could in tough circumstances. They are not racist towards English people. They are English people and often sympathise with the EDL as has been seen in footage when discussing the policing of the EDL. They are being unfairly criticised by all sides.

  22. And I thought the comment about hiding porn was the author showing what common knowledge it is that the paki community has a voracious taste for kiddie porn – and where better to hide their stashes than where their under age “wives” won’t see the collection? Probably right next to the room where they lock up the young white girls they groom for prostitution off British school yards and a shelf up from the dope they smuggle in to spread on British streets. “Noble Muslim” my ass.

  23. The caucasian race has been guilty of sharing our intuition, our lands, our cities,our schools (and the list goes on) to other races that have not and can not produce these for themselves.We let the muslim in so they can experience and live in grandeur along side of us and what do they want?They want us out,they want to claim it for themselves, face it they hate us for everything they’re not.The same goes for the black race.In the US blacks use slavery as backdrop to cover their way of thinking and their feelings toward white people, well the truth is as black people ride around in their BMWs,Mercedes,Escalades and or use pcs,smart phones,ps3’s and other forms of technology and as they look around and see all of the great things that have been accomplished by man(the wheel,wittenlanglands,math,airplanes,ships,space exploration,cures for diseases and the list goes on and on and on)and they know that they have contributed NOTHING and that’s where envy comes into play and envy is the doorway to hatred,now they want what we have(that is along as we don’t come with it) even though we by our own vices have willingly shared all of our great accomplishments with them, they want more and they want us out.Ok I see it coming “You Are A Racist”no people I am a Realist and if you deny yourself the truth you are ignorant and our descendants will pay the price.In the US they, for the most part the media and school are pushing for diversity,not good due to the fact that most wars were fought because of diversity.Life has a natural order of things for example in the animal kingdom animals are divided by diversity(chimps can’t live with orangutans,german shepherds can’t live with hyenas and so on)and the many races of man are no different but leave it to us to break that order.What a mess we have made in the name of good will.

  24. paki community has a voracious taste for kiddie porn – and where better to hide their stashes than where their under age “wives” won’t see the collection?

    Sikhs are Indians. They are not Pakistanis. They are also not muslims. They are Sikhs. An entirely different religion based in India with its headquarters in Amritsar.They are not the favorites of the media.Obama refused to go to Amritsar during his trip to America. They do have turbans as it is quite a normal thing in India. Some were murdered after 9/11 as people who wanted revenge thought they were muslims. They do not believe in underage marriage and do not believe in polygamy either. They are vegetarian and do not allow leather, meat or alcohol into any temple. To say they hide kiddie porn in a temple is quite ignorant. They are more likely to turn a muslim who liked such stuff into the police.

  25. Do not forget the Roman Catholic church and its pedophile priests and the coverups associated with that. And by the way who produces all this kiddie porn in the first place. You will get the higher moral ground by forgetting such things but they are all common knowledge;and even the ignorant Joe on the street will tell you these facts and you will have to admit that this evil of pedophilia is not just a problem of one race. And in case you forget it was Mohammad a white man who started the whole pedophile tradition in Islam. This is a good example of trying to gain the higher moral ground and failing as it is based on conveniently forgetting commonly know facts.

  26. What I like most about Whites is really white whites like me. The mirror is my best friend. Mirror mirror on the wall…………………

  27. Wow one little poorly thought out quip has turned in to quite a thing.

    I meant no disrespect to Sikhs or Jains or any other religious group at all. No respect either really but no disrespect. I simply meant that people have a right to protect their property from brigands, rioters, thieves, attackers, highwaymen, anyone who would violate their right to private property and their safety for whatever reasons. The media decided to play it like these brave young men are risking their health and safety by protecting their most holy of holys (sp) while the EDL or any actual indigenous or culturally British people are thugs and hooligan vigilantes just waiting for a change to be racist bastards.

    I don’t care how a person views their community centres or what ceremonial value they have to you so long as it’s all legal and not overly seditious. You have an equal right to protect it and a hundred times more so when it can be seen that the force-wing of the state is impotent.

    I could have said where they keep their beer. It doesn’t matter. It was an attempt at an illustration via a poorly worded joke.

  28. Peadophilia is such a serious business. I think it something that should not be a subject of jokes. Beer would have been a perfect substitute. Drinking is nothing by comparison. Even Jesus was keen to turn water into wine. I’m off for to get some red wine right now. Cheers to one and all.

  29. Dear UK,
    Greetings from civilized Japan! In Japan, we do not allow immigration or even disembarkation of peoples with criminal records. Furthermore, if any immigrant commits a crime, they are deported usually within 21 days of the offense.

    Though Japan has often taken flak from the multi-culti Marxist left, our strict immigration policy works. Japanese people are safe in their homes, parks, schools, streets & property against packs of savage criminals. We have many other problems, but thankfully this is not one. I encourage all UK citizens to demand a similar immigration policy from their government.

    I fail to see how my country could be improved by importing, for example, 1000 marauding Haitians, Congolese or Somalis. The UK must take action now, before their diversity problem becomes worse.

  30. It is too late now dear Taro. We are in a world of trouble as everyone around the world has seen during last week’s riots.

  31. Exceedingly White Woman:

    Where did I say ANYTHING about sex with children or the enjoyment thereof? Where did I use the word paedophilia in my article?

    I believe I said: “Hide the porn” which means adults doing what most adults enjoy. There was no mention of children or the abuse of same and I agree with you. That is a crime and not the subject of jokes whatsoever. Please reread the article and tell me where you got the impression that I said anything remotely about children.


  32. Exceedingly White Woman the police response was weak and timid until the last day of the riots, when faced with that situation you go in hard and fast and end it fast, you don’t let it grow and fester until it spreads. If the London police had broken the riot on the first day it wouldn’t have spread, now the criminals have gained a taste for rioting and looting, it will be hard to remove this taste without spilling a lot of blood. When faced with a disaster like this even the most compassionate and liberal democracy must face facts and react with force, the nation and citizens have the right of self defense.

  33. Dear ExceedinglyWhiteWoman,

    Do not despair. Remember what makes your country great. Remember the face of your grandmother.

    In Japan, it is O-Bon holidays. We gather with our families and go to our ancestors’ graves. We remember them, their character, their courage–the homes they built, the businesses they founded, the farms they tended, the civilization they made for us. Your ancestors built your civilization. What was in them is in you. You have the responsibility to protect the good in what they made. Can you do less?

    Go, and visit their graves. Be still and reflect on your ancestors. You will hear their soft, clear voices and they will tell you what is right. What was in them is in you. They made you for this purpose. Do as thou must.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Taro Aso

  34. Dear Taro such is the past of this great nation we even used to call ourselves Great Britain. Let us hope we rise like a phoenix and still continue to be Great. Eeyore yes you are right but Porn is a general title and hence could mean any kind of porn, but certainly did not in this case. You are right there is certainly no mention of kiddie porn in your article, the kiddie porn angle was started by Graachus. I addressed what he said but there seems to be some confusion as the wires have got crossed, so as the thread developed after that I addressed the porn issue as a kiddie porn issue. It was the development of the thread that created the confusion. You are right initially there is no mention at all of peadophilia in your article. The confusion comes as the thread develops after the comments by Graachus. I hope that clear that up. I certainly apologise for any confusion caused.

  35. “When faced with a disaster like this even the most compassionate and liberal democracy must face facts and react with force, the nation and citizens have the right of self defense” wrote Richard
    Therein lies the rub. The words compassionate and liberal democracy. The modern police force is not about policing but about community relations. That is why community leaders of whatever stripe are always ready to be plied with cups of tea and biscuits as the police ask advice from them on community cohesion. This is the fruit of having imported via immigration multiple communities. Multiple communities means a need for community cohesion which means the police are less about law enforcement and more about a compassionate response as befits a liberal democracy which places the needs of community cohesion above all other concerns.

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