Slavery and Islam

There has been some discussion recently in the comments, largely objecting to the fact that I pointed out the Islamic observance of the Vancouver Muslim woman who was busted keeping a slave in her multi-million dollar West-Van home. It was pointed out that there are many East Asians who are not Muslim that also think nothing of keeping another human being as a beast of burden in the home, torturing at will and denying basic liberties while enjoying all the best Canada has to offer.

Some of the people who pointed this out are good friends of this site. However I must point out that there is a difference between policy and the exception. Between what is celebrated, and what is a crime. For example, pedophiles certainly exist in the Catholic church and in the greater Western community no matter what their affiliation. But we call them criminals and do everything we can to make sure they are brought to justice while in Islam, one looks at the founder, ‘Mohamed’ as the “perfect human being” and follow his examples as divinely inspired and so marrying a 6 year old and having any sort of sex you want except penetrative of the vagina till she is 9, then anything goes is considered good policy. So again, exception, rule.

I thought this might be a good time to post a few of my older videos that went offline and need to be made available again on the subject of slavery, doubly so as I was also asked to do so in email.

Here is the first one. More will appear in this post as I manage to get them ready. Come back and check from time to time if this is a subject that interests you.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Slavery of Blacks by Muslims in the Sudan, torture and forced conversion:

Ex Sudanese slaves give testimony at congressional hearings about captivity in Islamic hands

This one is good. A history of slavery and Islam. Some shocking revelations from historians on the Islamic roots of the African slave trade.

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

White Slaves Muslim Pirates is a great one as well:

Another one on African slavery by Muslims using Islam as a prime reason

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7 Replies to “Slavery and Islam”

  1. I’ve followed this Mumtaz Ladha story from the start, and I’m pretty convinced that this is a clear case of kafala. The courts of course will decide and call it economic slavery or whatever, but as it remains in Islamic culture, it is kafala.

    Good vids on Islamic Slavery. Those are always hard to find.

  2. I have been working (off and on) with a brilliant documentary, I think from Denmark, on white slaves of Muslim slave ships. I posted part I here but I am hoping that my Danish translator comes back soon and is inclined to work on it again. Meanwhile though, if any fluent Danish-English speakers wish to work with me on it I would be interested in getting it finished. Its a worthwhile bit of film.

  3. As you have often pointed out the Moslems believe Mohammad was the perfect man, since he kept slaves they are suppose to keep slaves. This is why everywhere there are Moslems there is slavery, yes other groups including some Westerners keep slaves but that is an individual belief and a crime rather then a religious duty of sorts.

  4. The least likely for slaves, the Haitians. There entire social structure has been based on child slavery. The middle classes took and likely still take street kids to do all their chores, get food each day, clean, cook, and for that they get a floor mat, and in some cases a few years of education. Unless you live there with Haitians, you never get to learn about this slave situatiion which is just an accepted part of daily life. Ironically, the younger educated and especially those who leave Haiti are always so very proud of the history of Haiti as an independent republic free of slavery, from whites that is.

  5. morticia a little known fact of slavery is that many slaves who managed to save money bought slaves to do their work for them.

  6. Morticia I really learnt something. These are hard pieces of information to find. To think that Slavery is still part of Haitian life. Truly, given their history of revolting against slavery they are the least likely candidates in modern times to be practicing slavery.Richard you too have given an insight into a little know world by saying that slaves buy slaves to do their work.

  7. The history of slaves buying slaves goes back to Rome and what the move Amistad (sp ?) didn’t tell you is that after he and the others were let off Amistad went out, got backers and sailed to Africa with trade goods to buy a cargo of slaves and take them to Cuba.

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