Something odd about the spread of the riots in London today

Look at the footage here from about 1:30 and for the next 20 seconds or so. It shows a bunch of people who are, on second look, clearly religious jews. And it kind of makes it look, unless one is a careful observer, as if they are rioting. Yet these people are at the rear end of all the emergency vehicles and the people at the front are not shown at all. Which makes one suspect that perhaps these Jews are the actual victims of the looting, arson and rioting. One of my British contacts tells me this about the area this was shot in:

“Tottenham is, or historically has been, an area with a lot of Jewish people, e.g. Tottenham Hotsupr soccer club.”

I can’t imagine why British Jews would suddenly spontaneously riot. I might add these guys don’t really look like they are in rioting shape for that matter. Sumo rioting maybe,

I wonder if the looting and so on doesn’t have a slightly more sinister edge to it than is being reported here.

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  1. Never miss a good opportunity to loot! And the warranted shooting of a criminal makes it all the more rational…./sarc off

    Oh and make it look like it the Jews and not the black “thug” youth.

  2. It’s hard to see what exactly is going on. I couldn’t see them throwing anything, but it’s hard to tell what is happening there. Weird.

  3. seems interesting that a certain group has called for the violent overthrow of the Brit Govt and a few days later an “incident” happens and all out looting and rioting starts. If past occurances are anything to go by, this same group who call for violence will step in and tell the govt if they are given a free hand to inforce a certain medieval law the violence will halt immediatly, if they do not get the opportunity, the violence will escelate. The govt will cupitulate and the violence will immediatly cease, mainly because those who are the main instigators ie: “tiny minority” will get what exactly what they wanted.

    Just a prediction based on prior events. time will tell, lets see if the lame stream media cotton onto it and manage to put two and two together and actualy come up with 4.

  4. I would think your analysis is correct. However, there is the shot of the one “youth”, as you say clearly a Hasidic Jew, running toward the camera with a cheshire-cat grin as if he’s gotten away with some mischief. I certainly hope the optics of that is wrong, but who knows? Anyway, the cops in the shot don’t seem concerned about this group, so it may just be bad optics. And his grin may mean something different such as “those thugs are about to get what’s coming”.

    What bugs me more is the announcer’s superimposed reference to “gangs of youths” as if he were commenting on the scene. As far as I can tell from the grainy video calling these fellow “youths” is stretching things more than a bit.

  5. Tottenham is bordering Stanford Hill, a Jewish area, although it is about a 10 minute walk from Tottenham High Road it could not be more different. Obviously; the violence struck into that area as well. Not all areas are being covered by the MSM, only the worst hit. Middle range mobile phone shops, sport and electrical goods shops have been hit particularly badly. Plunder not hunger is behind all this. The lawlessness is shocking!

  6. I sincerly hope you aren’t all suggesting that it’s only the Black “thug” youths who are responsible for the riots. If you look carefully you will see youth of all natioality running through the streets with rock, stones, loots etc. They are all opportunitist and as such bear there only concern is one of greed….

  7. The riots were started by blacks and now everyone who wants free goods is busy stealing, however I still say that the way the violence is spreading shows a common command of some form.

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