Mosque teacher hit pupils

Dog bites man, bears poo in the woods, leftists attack me personally instead of dealing with the facts or issues directly etc. etc. ad nauseam. However I find this story mildly interesting because it provides an excellent data point for the thesis in the book, ‘Allah is Dead. Why Islam is not a Religion’.

The book posits that Islam is not a religion but a fetish because its materials, the Koran etc., are sacred not by virtue of the contents and the value it may have to each individual, but because if you desecrate it they will kill you or otherwise cause you to suffer.

In other words, they, Muslims, fetishize their materials. ‘It is sacred because we say it is and you will treat it as if it is or we will hurt you’.

I view Shakespeare as far more religious in his writings than Islam because if you watch the plays or read them or any of Shakespeare’s writings, plays, sonnets, whatever, you will likely find something insightful and enriching to your life personally. This is why so many hold the bible sacred. (it is theorized that Shakespeare was one of the writers hired by King James to write his version of the New Testament so… there ya go) Meanwhile, Muslims beat, chain and torture young children to force them to memorize a book full of logical inconsistencies, horror and hatred and directions to kill for no reason other than they say it must be so.


GUILTY ... Ibrahim Yusuf GUILTY … Ibrahim Yusuf

A mosque teacher assaulted four pupils, including one with learning difficulties, with a two-foot long pipe because they were misbehaving in class.

A court heard the Accrington mosque had a written policy which urged staff to make sure the welfare of children was paramount and calling for them to be protected from abuse.

Married father-of-eight Ibrahim Yusuf, 52, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to four charges of assault. He was bailed for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Philippa White, prosecuting, said part of the incident at the Grimshaw Street mosque had been captured on CCTV, which showed Yusuf striking two of the boys, aged 11.

She said the boys’ teacher left them alone and there was some ‘minor misbehaviour.’ The defendant was teaching in another part of the mosque and saw and heard what was going on,” said Mrs White.

“He came over carrying a thin, flexible pole. As he walked among the children he hit four of them with the stick.”

She said one was hit on the arm and another on the lower back.

One boy was clearly upset when his mum collected him at 7pm and he had a red mark on his back.

When he was interviewed by police Yusuf said he had gone over to control the children and accepted he had a piece of plastic overflow pipe in his hand which he used as a “teaching aid”.

He said pupils often made complaints against mosque teachers to get out of going to classes but was aware punishment should be through exclusion or detention.

Bernard Horne, defending, said: “He does accept that he went into this classroom to get the children to stop misbehaving.

He also accepts he was waving this pipe around and it struck four of the children. The pipe is used as a pointing stick and to tap on the desk to get the attention of his class.

“There has never been any previous complaint about his behaviour towards the children and how he conducts himself. He has the ongoing support of the mosque and is very highly regarded in the community.”

He said Yusuf had been a mosque teacher for 36 years, the last 10 years at the Grimshaw Street mosque.

The mosque chairman Mr Sardar Ali defended Yusuf, insisting he was “the best teacher at the mosque”.

Mr Ali said: “He was holding the pipe but he was only using it to scare the children to behave.

He didn’t hit them hard, he just tapped them, but all the teachers know that you can’t hit them as that is against policy.

“If he’s not banned or cautioned then he will come back.

He can teach the Qu’ran by heart to the children.”

Hyndburn deputy council leader Munsif Dad said:

“Obviously it’s very inappropriate to hit anybody, particularly a child. This sort of attitude is totally unacceptable in any form.

“For an individual with that sort of experience it’s unfortunate that he’s got himself in that situation.

“All mosques are professionally run to provide a facility for the Muslim community and the wider community in general and helping to build those bridges.

“Incidents like this happen very, very rarely and I don’t think in that context it will affect the community.”


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  1. I think that men who abuse children in a way like that should be kept form any child for the rest of their miserable lives. Those children will be influenced for ever. But that’s not all, the other children, the ones that were not beaten, those children are victims as well. All the children that go to a madrassa will face trouble in their lives, because a strange form of illogic is placed in their minds. That will cripple them.

    All children that follow islamic indoctrination in a madrassa or somewhere else are all mentally challenged, and it was done on purpose, by men like Ibrahim Yusuf and so many others.

  2. I am certain that this routine. I grew up around muslim kids and they would tell me that they were beaten at the mosque school they attended. I felt sorry for them as they were just kids like me and my friends in that time. I believe this is a century’s old tradition of bringing up innocent children in order to get them ready for jihad. By showing them no mercy by beating them they are told to have no mercy for the infidel. It is a strong and powerful lesson. It is the kind of lesson that may mold them for the rest of their lives and may even result in death for the kuffar, a wonderful being which they hate so much;because he is so superior to them in terms of wealth, education and sports ability.

  3. Note the henna red beard a la the ‘Prophet’.
    Yeah it looks even sillier when we negroes have it. Our beard is too short and we do not have the white face of the red haired prophet. They are just copying the prophet because he liked the ginger look and though it suited him due to his being white it does seem ridiculous when we Negroes copy it. Still our Negresses are putting on blonde wigs so it is just the madness that the whites have got us into. I guess we got some whites into the Afro look. There is such a thing as the white afro it is rare but always a pleasure to behold.

  4. This sort of brutality in the name of ‘religion’ should not happen in a civilized country. It should remain in muslim countries where it belongs.

  5. This guy is a fake redbeard. I have a proper red beard.

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