Sheep slaughtered in Toronto park for “good luck”

Don’t know how this escaped my attention. Would dearly like more information on this one. The names of the people caught, and waiting while police decide if there is a charge for this or not, seem to be missing, at least from this version of the story. Maybe a reader can send me more. Toronto parks are certainly more lively than they used to be. A few years ago you faced jail and a heavy fine if you mistreated an animal. Now, at least I am guessing if you are Muslim, you can open your own gutting zoo now. One thing is for sure. If you complain about people, especially Muslims, violating all the animal handling acts of a civilized country and slaughtering sheep willy nilly in driveways and so on, while the people breaking the law will face no punishment, you will probably go to jail.

Just ask Brigitte Bardot.

From the link above at Toronto Sun:

         Sheep slaughtered in city park 271

By ,Toronto Sun

First posted:

TORONTO – Toronto Police are seeking advice from a Crown attorney to determine if any charges apply to two men who allegedly sacrificed a sheep in a North York park for good luck.

Cops found the disturbing scene in Rowntree Mills Park around 10:25 p.m.

Friday after tracing a car they believed was involved in a kidnapping, sources said.

Police were called by a woman claiming she saw someone trying to escape from the trunk of a car. She managed to get the licence plate and officers later found the vehicle in the Islington and Finch Aves. area park.

Officers found duct tape, binding twine and excrement inside the trunk.

Moments after finding the car, two men came running towards the car and they were taken into custody, sources said.

But they told officers that they had sacrificed a sheep, which they bought for about $150 from a farm near Hwy. 27 in York Region, and slaughtered it for good luck.

Stunned officers found the sheep, the bloodied rock where the slaughter occurred and a ceramic bowl used in some sort of religious rite to ensure good fortune, along with two bloodied knives and a meat cleaver.

Police aren’t sure the Criminal Code covers the killing of livestock in the same manner as it would a pet and are seeking advice from a Crown, sources said.

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  1. Don’t we all feel multiculturally enriched. Who is letting these people in? Anybody in the know? Mr. Jason Kenney perhaps?

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