Mayor needs urgent psychiatric help

I think this may be the best example yet of a city mayor with no sense of proportion, or understanding of the proper uses of the resources of state. This man needs to be in jail on multiple charges. Cities have tow trucks for a reason. That would have done the trick nicely and been within the law. And wouldn’t it be interesting to have a look at corruption and organized crime figures within this mans town as well?

CORRECTION: Not Italy, but Lithuania. Story is here on the BBC site.

H/T PB for that correction

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  1. I don’t see a problem with that. Anyone wants to start a new business? Lots of work in that field. To the idiots who think they are above the law – be warned. The mayor even shakes the end of the numnut who owns the car. You gotta love it.

  2. If they did that in mahoundian countries, most cars would end up like that… I saw with my own eyes cars parked for days in no-parking-and-no-stopping zones in Erdoganistan.

  3. Well I guess in the year of our lord, 2011, there is a little bit of commie in everyone at this stage.

    The mayor, and all elected leaders are there to uphold the law. If people illegally park, they can be towed and fined. If they do it repeatedly they can have their licenses suspended and other fines that make driving impossible and if they ignore those things then jail. But for the mayor to use military equipment to destroy people’s private property, which I am fairly confident is not anywhere in that nations criminal code, is a dangerously totalitarian action. And people like it cause its fun to watch rich people losing their status. But it didn’t have to be rich people. And why should it matter. Laws have to be the same for everyone.

    While I found this video as funny as the next guy, I think I am the only one in my social circle that also found it infuriating. I can’t afford a car at all so it isn’t a sympathy for my class thing. But I expect the law to treat me as is prescribed, rich, poor, black, white, Muslim, or infidel. And that is why I started this blog. To object to the multiple classes the left and political correctness have created from Amer-Indians and special rights to French speakers in government in Canada etc. etc. right on down to the new uber-mench the Muslims who can slaughter a sheep in a public park after driving around with it all bound up in the truck while an actual cultural-Canadian would go to jail for leaving his dog in an air conditioned car for 15 minutes without his masseuse.

  4. Eeyore, what you’ve written about the law applying equally to everyone is absolutely spot on; and, if Lithuania is a country of laws, this really shouldn’t happen.

    And, speaking of laws, I might have told you about how the law hardly ever applies equally to everyone in Turkey; and, in this case, I really think something like what the Vilnius mayor has done, if perhaps the authorities there actually had the will to take an un-islamic approach to law-enforcement and make it both apply to everyone and be enforced as much as possible, could actually work in that place. But it’d be easier to see a mahound-cartoon festival become an annual event there before this ever happens.

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