French police enforcing the new anti-Burka law?

This is a 90 second video I was sent from youtube, originally longer, but I trimmed the start which is from a distance and you can’t make out anything, and the end where you see a police car turning around and leaving with a, presumably, Muslim woman in the back. Really there is nothing that can be confirmed about the events in this video. It could be a man with a bag on his head who just robbed a bank. But it does seem at first blush that the Paris police are doing their jobs and enforcing the new burka-ban. This video was apparently taken by another Muslim, who stridently objects to what is taking place here.

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  1. What’s that ungodly screaming? I thought it was a she-goat being slaughtered for ramadan…but I guess she’s recovered well enough to put a comment on youtube.

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