Three Clips of Michael Coren on SUN TV

I am very much looking forward to Mr. Coren’s own show on SUN TV. The station really is picking up. It is also refreshing to have at least one TV channel in Canada who has the courage to actually report the real news without sanitizing it for the left and politically correct.

Now if we can only privatize the CBC:

Here is Michael interviewing a person on the plight of Christians world wide and especially in the Islamic world. Pakistan and Egypt spring to mind especially.

Below, an East Coast Canadian newspaper editor published a cartoon which depicted Muslims, although not Mohamed, for which complaints were received.

Fred Litwin, who also runs the blog, Gay and Right, as well as started the very important, ‘Free Thinking Film Society’ who has brought in to speak people like Bat Ye’or, Sam Solomon, Geert Wilders and other people who otherwise would never have spoken in Canada, speaks here on how the gay pride parade incorporates many variables which have nothing to do with gay pride, or gay rights.

I agree with Fred here and would add, that homosexuals having achieved all rational goals and rights in Canada as they certainly should have, now want to force gay sex on to main street and then accuse anyone who objects to flagrant breaches of indecency laws as being ‘homophobic. It is worth noting that there is a difference between tolerance and embracing. One is requested, the other is your own business.

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  1. His interview with Robert Spencer impressed the h*ll out of me. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

  2. Gays and Muzzies have two things in common. A lot of political power which means special rights that the rest of us do not have and they are both loved by the lefties. The only problem is that muzzies do not like gays. So the lefties are the common manipulating factor and manipulate them for them all for their own agenda. Who is more powerful out of these three groups? It is hard to say. But the incompatibility of islamophobia and homophobia is an issue for the lefties to address. If only we could get the gays to have their gay marches in front of mosques. Their power would make them unstoppable. No muzzie with the politicians in his pocket could attack them for fear of being called homophobic. Gays do have the power and money and it is wasted by the counterjihad not being able to use it to its benefit. We need to get some gays on our side that can help us. Peter Tatchell in the UK comes to mind.

  3. The power of Homosexual’s is so great they can get away with being naked. The power of muzzies is so great they can march anywhere in London with the most horrid placards and the police are their fine with that. The power of these groups is intense. They have won the political lottery and are swaggering with their power.

  4. @Negroess

    All minorities and people of color have the upper hand in our society these days. The government acts like they are poor, helpless souls that need to be coddled & protected when in reality what they really need is to grow thicker skins and take personal responsibility just like the rest of us.

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