The Korandle. redux in HD

Since youtube took my channel down, I have about a thousand videos that were taken off line. Many were downloaded by other like minded people and reposted to their own YT channels, but many were lost altogether, some early ones I didn’t even have backups for.

So I decided to remake this one as I put a fair bit of work into it initially and it appeals to me at a few levels. For what it’s worth, I will stop making videos which profane Islamic ‘sacred’ materials as soon as Islam grants the respect to everyone else they demand for themselves, and when they stop demanding that other people hold their fetish objects as sacred on pain of whatever they can think of at the time. Usually death.

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  1. Oh my gawd, I love this video, I used to watch all the koran desecration videos on youtube and particularly this crazed kids skits captainoawesome as some of his stuff was so funny but he no longer has videos. Watching them gave me lots of laughs and some satisfaction after I was assaulted in Toronto by an islamic rageboy for his interpretation of a criminal offence, me using the koran I was reading to stop a sneeze, rather than spew my snot all over the backs of people coming home from work, and of course the Toronto police did nothing, there must have been a video of it too, the transit system authorities did nothing, and the city did nothing, even the people who rented him the space in the subway station, the Gateway Corporation, did nothing. I was only bruised, swollen, in shock, my book torn, but the police, when they finally attended to me at St.Josephs Hospital, told me that because I didn’t have anything broken, they would just talk to him and if I persued it further, they would advise him to file a hate crime charge against me. Later they tried to make me feel guilty and sorry for this poor guy who ran the concession stand. I wrote about it on every comment section of every blog I could find for at least two or three years, but watching this type of video once again gives such satisfaction. A reminder about how extremely mental ill are most followers of extremist cults. This video is brilliant except for all the horrid verses…. and I am so sorry you lost videos, I would have like to see them all.
    Have you had any death threats yet?
    I had a large stone thrown at me during their ram of the damed one year near the subway in TO. I mistakenly was eating, munching away and reading my Ishrad manji book, I may have sneered at the islamic guy as he walked by, but I forsure heard him screaming in arabic about their alahakbarkdoggie and that saved me when I turned around to miss the 4 inch thick stone he hurled at my head….Once again, ;guess what, the police did nothing, but it sure had an effect on an elderly lady, a witness, who was frightened and began to cry and shake.
    I love to see the korans burning too
    Or pages ripped and flushed down toilets, or used for toilet paper,I’d like to see thousands of pages of the koran with Petrais’ photo imprinted on them burned in a big firepit by the christian guy with the bad moustache. Would his followers think he would go to the demon place if he burned a bible too?
    Great video!

  2. Morticia:

    Thank you very much I am glad you like. It was a lot of work to make that actually. Wait till you see what I have coming up, if it works of course. I hope to have it ready in a week or so. This one is also a lot of work.

    Menderman you are free to re-post/re-upload any and all of my videos to live leak or any other host out there so long as they are intact and for the same purpose.

  3. Vlad, Have you ever thought about how to do a video of the concept ‘cultural relativity’, it could be quite humorous,,,,and educational to point out what a farce and where the implications of this erroneous paradigm lead… I have your cartoon of the three stooges to which I added bows to all three heads and the caption, ‘cultural relativity, a cosmic joke

  4. dlonsberg I am looking for one on how Belgian police have pretty much given up and one on Swedish firemen, both of which were watched regularly a great deal. If you know which ones I mean please send me links where I can grab and re-upload to MRCTV

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