Terror attack by Indian Mujahadeen in Mumbai India

Islam. The religion of terror, slaughter and slavery all for the glory of one psychopath who has been mercifully dead for 1300 years.

As of 11:25 AM EST 13 dead and 81 injured, over 50 in hospitals. 7 IED’s used.

Live coverage can be seen here at IBN and below is a short clip I caught at around 11:00 AM


India: Three Blasts in Mumbai, 10 Killed, Over 100 Injured

India’s Western city of Mumbai was rocked by three serial blasts at around 7.30 pm on Wednesday. The explosions took place at Dadar West, Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House.

At least 10 people were killed in the blasts, including four in Zaveri Bazaar. Six people were killed in Dadar.

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One Reply to “Terror attack by Indian Mujahadeen in Mumbai India”

  1. I offer two solutions:

    1. Give muslims more land to appease them, India. No? You did it before (Pakistan, East Pakistan/Banglasesh)

    2. Kill or deport every single muslim…man, women, child. Destroy every madrassa/mosque.

    Don’t like my solutions India? Then suck on some more IED’s until you learn from pain.

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