Animal rights activists claim McDonalds firebomb responsibility

After reading this article, it may prove both entertaining and informative to watch the Penn & Teller episode of Bullshit on PETA. I have checked the research and facts they present, some not all, but found it all checked out and used it successfully in on-air debates with PETA representatives. PETA and its sub-groups like ELF and ALF are genuine ideological terrorist groups and are part and parcel of the threat facing Western liberal democracy.


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The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for Friday’s fire attack at a hamburger restaurant in Gothenburg, according to local media reports.

In a posting on the animal rights activists website Bite Back Magazine, those allegedly responsible described how they smashed two windows with hammers at the burger restaurant at the Scandinavium Center, poured ten liters of petrol in and set it alight.

The posting continued, “We were in a hurry as the sun had risen and it was light outside, so we threw the containers with written ALF-messages on them and some lighted matches into the restaurant and it went up in a big fire instantly. Burn in hell animal killers and capitalists!”

Nobody was in the restaurant at the time of the attack, said to be around 5 o’clock in the morning, though damage is extensive. Police have confirmed that the perpetators will face charges of aggravated arson.

On the Bite Back website activists also claimed responsibility for other attacks in Sweden including a hunting and fishing shop in Nyköping where windrows and doors were destroyed, a Pressbyrån shop in Eskilstuna and another McDonalds in the same city, where stones and tar bombs used to smash windows in the fast food joint.

Bite Back was founded in 2001 by Nicolas Atwood, an animal rights activist in West Palm Beach, Florida, with a mission to “support animal rights prisoners of conscience and report on current events in the struggle.”

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8 Replies to “Animal rights activists claim McDonalds firebomb responsibility”

  1. The animal rights movement has been using soft terror tactics for a long time, now they are moving up to harsher tactics, it won’t be long before they start injuring or killing people.

  2. I offer solutions: Male Silverback Gorilla pen at local zoo….PETA members thrown into pen. Nature takes its course. They will never bother anyone again, I promise.

  3. I have seen some pictures of a nutty woman in Europe that climbed into a polar bears cage thinking she could pet the bear. The average intelligence of the human race raised a fraction of an IQ point when she died.

  4. Destroying property does not harm anyone. In fact it helps in keeping sentient lives alive. It stops the death train for animals. The ALF have a sterling record of never harming humans. However, they will destroy evil in the form of inanimate objects. Now what is wrong with that? How much restraint does that show? It shows a lot of restraint and strong well thought out ideology to combat the animal abuse that goes on in these places. I do not speak for ELF and in fact I think they are a bunch of loons, but the ALF have my support. The ALF have never killed anyone but have instead rescued and saved thousand of precious lives from certain death.

  5. To kill a human is not part of ALF ideology. Humans are animals too in the ALF world view. To destroy inanimate objects and rescue animals from abusers is what the ALF is about. PETA is pretty much a sell out organization but is still does some good but the ALF is ideologically sound and has a wonderful history of getting results. It is because of an ALF member that I became a vegan so you could say I am biased.

  6. Destroying property hurts a lot of people, how about the people who are now out of a job because their work place was burned down?

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