Only 10 years for beating and torturing to death, and mutilation of the corpse in ‘honor killing’?

I wonder what you have to do to get life in Sweden.

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Parents guilty of Högsby 'honour' killing: court

Parents guilty of Högsby ‘honour’ killing: court

Published: 5 Jul 11 11:26 CET |

The parents of the 23-year-old man previously convicted of the murder of 20-year–old Abbas Rezai, are guilty of the crime, according to Göta Court of Appeal, sentencing them both to ten years in prison.

Rezai was found dead in an apartment in Högsby in southern Sweden in November 2005.

Police revealed at the time that he had been scalded with hot oil, hit with a variety of objects, and repeatedly stabbed in the back and chest, with the majority of the wounds sustained after his death.

He was also almost entirely scalped and one of his fingers had been partially chopped off.

The man was allegedly killed because of his relationship with the family’s 16-year-old daughter.

Her brother, 17 at the time, was convicted, whilst the girl’s parents, who were initially implicated, were acquitted, despite police claiming that it was almost impossible that the boy could have acted alone.

However, a few years after his conviction, the son changed his story, now pointing the finger of blame at his parents for the murder.

The parents denied all charges saying that their son was behind the deed and that he has only changed his story, as he is afraid he will be deported to Afghanistan after his sentence is through.

But the sister and another relative in Denmark, who also claimed that the son of the family had wrongly convicted as the sole perpetrator, supported the now 23-year-old son’s claim.

The Court of Appeal followed their line and convicted both he mother and the father of murder. They will be deported from Sweden.

The 23-year-old was convicted of accessory to murder and will serve one year and four months in a high security juvenile detention centre.

He will not be deported from Sweden.



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