Greece bars boats leaving Greek ports for Gaza

I post this as I still find it peculiar that someone who claims to be aboard the flotilla, presumably the Canadian boat dubbed, ‘The Sea Hitler’ (best boat name since the Flintstones combined the names, The Nautilus and The Sea Queen and Christened their new boat, The Nausea) wrote a comment to tell me that I am “full of shit” about the project. It is interesting that the Israeli’s have announced that a Hamas terrorist leader is among the organizers of this flotilla.

From the A.P.

In Jerusalem Friday, Israeli military spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich claimed that according to intelligence information a son-in-law of Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, Hamoud Tareq, was among the organizers of the flotilla.

She said that Tareq is active in the Islamic militant Hamas movement and other terror groups.

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  1. YESS!! The Sea Hitler is stuck in Greece. The arrogant bastards wouldn’t give the Greek Coast Guard the ship’s transit log and they’re under a lockdown for 24 hours. Hope for longer than that! A deportation back to Canada for the terrorists, a nice fat bill to the Canadian government and the boat’s insurers for the CG expenses, and for aiding Hamas would also be in order. I don’t know why the Canadian CG let them go in the first place.–greece-halts-canadian-ship-in-gaza-flotilla

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