Once again, Western values, traditions and rules are destroyed by a Muslim for pseudo-Islamic reasons.

I doubt anyone ‘devout’ enough in Islam that she felt she had to wear this crap would feel it was within her rights to compete as a weight lifter in public and on camera. But I refuse to play the ‘Koran says…’ game, one always loses playing by enemy rules. The point is, we should not and indeed must not care what Islamic rules are. We have our own. People may obey them, or not join in. Simple as that.

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9 Replies to “Once again, Western values, traditions and rules are destroyed by a Muslim for pseudo-Islamic reasons.”

  1. This is getting ridiculous, it seems that the left and the Moslems are working hard to cause a revolution in all western nations.

  2. It appears that this young woman would have gone ahead competing anyway without making a fuss of her clothing. The case she launched was ‘ something she would just try to see what happened’. Surprise, surprise.

  3. It is just disgusting that the moslems are exerting their islamic political agenda in sports with their participation. I think it is unethical for them to use sports to further their totalitarian islamic agenda. I noticed the socalled moderates of them only wear their islamic hijab in private or during their prayers. So, why the sudden need to display it in sports? Another supremacist islamic agenda that is out of place in sports.

  4. She is an idiot. The broader question is that Muslims do badly in sport. Sport is not their strong point. Imagine if it were. Thank God it is not. Their strong points are: inbreeding, immigration, setting up ghettos, jihad and throwing petrodollars about. Science, Technology, Robots, Sport, Music, Movies, Cartoons, and lovely long red hair are the preserve of the infidels. Sport events are usually a time to make some politcal point or do some jihad by taking people hostage or blowing something up. The usual from the Muzzies.

  5. Is this the new regulations for the olympics, no time to find out????
    If so, how sad, makes me cry/ What kind of a role model does this set for world wide women and young girls, especially those in backward countries where islamic laws mandate female slavery/ How sickening
    The olympics represent the best of the best, the top form, the challenge to the human body, beyond its limits, the Greek origins of the highest level, elitism in terms of the excellence of the body and how it performs.

    What a sad joke to have women who must adhear to gender apartheid allowed to enter, this is actually a slap in their faces, which the stupid committees who allowed this do not realize. By allowing women with these backward costumes to enter they have condoned all that these covered heads represent, and basically allowed their countries of origin to say to these sport committes, \stick it.
    How sad?

  6. She does not really look built for such a sport. I doubt if she won but just he usual sharia political stuff is enough of a win for her.

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